Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, The Ultimate In Tactical iPhone 5 Cases

In case you've missed it, Element Case has made its Sector 5 series of aluminum hybrid iPhone 5 bumper cases even more epic using a new type of back insert designed with an integrated tactical spring metal pocket/belt/money clip, and CNC machined from an ultra durable and grippy G10 material made by Hogue. The Sector 5 Black Ops Elite case is part of a new tactical geared lineup which includes upgrades like knurled G10 side grip detail and an integrated knurled aluminum sleep/wake button. If you thought that was it, there's more. The aluminum is coated for military durability using a type 3 hard-anodized matte military-spec finish (T3). Element Case's Sector 5 Black Ops Elite is available in black and desert tan colors with your choice of a Hogue G10 back plate for a whopping $220.

Mod-3 Radius iPhone 5 Aluminum Case

Talk about a unique concept for an aluminum iPhone 5 case. Mod-3's minimalist Radius case for the iPhone 5 is the G-string of all aluminum cases. The concept behind the Radius is that it's designed to cover up less of the iPhone 5's design, while protecting every critical contact point. The Radius's unique and lightweight aluminum exoskeleton design covers very little in order to prevent any potential signal loss caused by the metal material, whilst maintaining the original design of the iPhone 5's brilliant thin construction. Each corner is lined with anti-scratch lining that'll provide vibration absorption. As much as we like the ultra-thin design, we fear the Radius will pose an uncomfortable grip with all of its industrial exposed metal screws around the back.

If you're interested in the Radius case, it's now available to be pre-ordered on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter for $59 in polished silver, cyan and red anodized colors. Kickstarter backers of Mod-3's Radius case will have the choice of choosing between a polished silver aluminum X frame or a matte black (slate) finished aluminum X frame.

Nir Schneider


Element Case Ronin 5 iPhone 5 Case Adds Luxury To Your Lifestyle

Are you the type of person who likes to smoke a good Cuban cigar with a glass of whisky in your hand? Well then, Element Case's new $200 Ronin 5 First Edition case for the iPhone 5 is just the type of case that'll suit your style. This is Element Case's new flagship iPhone 5 inspired by the Samurai cloture, and it screams luxury lifestyle. The Ronin 5 is designed with exotic materials and details in mind like CNC machined Ziricote hardwood side panels with top and bottom machined aluminum with a polished nickel plating. It is also the first to feature a machined built-in silent switch along with volume and power buttons. Your $200 will also buy you a leather wallet pouch and two protective back plates made from genuine soft leather and Ultrasuede. Element Case's Ronin 5 iPhone 5 case begins shipping on December 12th.

Nir Schneider


Pinlo Releases Concize Metal 2 Aluminum iPhone 5 Case

Pinlo has released its Concize Mertal 2 case for the iPhone 5 that for once looks to compliment the new design with a stylish sleek design without breaking the bank at $35. Pinlo's Concize Metal 2 case is an ultra-slim and lightweight hybrid made, snap-on case featuring a protective polycarbonate inner shell with a brushed aluminum outer casing with what looks to be polished chamfered edges identical to that of the iPhone 5. Note that with an all-aluminum back covering the iPhone 5 you may experience reception degradation, but we can't confirm that to be true with the Concize Metal 2 in particular. The Concize Metal 2 case is available now in black, white (raw aluminum), pink and light blue colors.

Element Case Debuts Sector 5 Aluminum iPhone 5 Bumper Case

Element Case has secretly announced its latest addition to its iPhone metal case lineup called the Sector 5. This is Element Case's most extreme and over-engineered machined aluminum bumper case yet that features a radical new design. The Sector 5's CNC trussed design is extremely rigid yet lightweight. For the first time, the Sector 5 utilizes a unique multi-link fastening and modular system that claims to enable users to quickly install and remove the case off of their phone using just one screw, while the interesting modular construction will allow for future add-ons and upgrade accessories.

The Sector's anodized aluminum is finished off using Element Case's brilliant matte Flux coating in a gun metal grey color. The Sector case will not interfere with the iPhone's reception thanks to its plastic RF bridge insert. It'll include two black and grey Ultrasuede back plate skins and a transit kit. Element Case's new Sector 5 case is available for $140.