Element Case Ronin 5 iPhone 5 Case Adds Luxury To Your Lifestyle

Are you the type of person who likes to smoke a good Cuban cigar with a glass of whisky in your hand? Well then, Element Case's new $200 Ronin 5 First Edition case for the iPhone 5 is just the type of case that'll suit your style. This is Element Case's new flagship iPhone 5 inspired by the Samurai cloture, and it screams luxury lifestyle. The Ronin 5 is designed with exotic materials and details in mind like CNC machined Ziricote hardwood side panels with top and bottom machined aluminum with a polished nickel plating. It is also the first to feature a machined built-in silent switch along with volume and power buttons. Your $200 will also buy you a leather wallet pouch and two protective back plates made from genuine soft leather and Ultrasuede. Element Case's Ronin 5 iPhone 5 case begins shipping on December 12th.

Nir Schneider


Gresso Revolution Titanium iPhone 5 Bumper Case, High Rollers Only

Feast your eyes on the world's most expensive iPhone 5 case. If your pockets run deep, real deep, then this $3,000 iPhone 5 bumper case will surely catch your attention. The Revolution by the luxury fashion designer house, Gresso, is a the most expensive metal bumper case money can buy. The Revolution bumper is limited to 999 serialized and engraved pieces and features a unique magnetic, two-piece seamless secured locking installation that doesn't require any screwing (that is if you've got the money). The Revolution is milled from a solid piece of titanium for its strength, light weight and resistance to scratching.

The titanium is hand-finished with a beautiful slate colored and textured matte finish that undergoes a coating of PVD for additional durability. You want a logo? How about an engraved 18k gold logo inlay to top it all off. The Revolution is a fairly basic bumper, albeit offers premium material and a cool magnetic latch system. Gresso's premium bumper will go on sale on October 12th for a cool $3,000.