Deff Cleave Aero iPhone 5 Bumper Designed In Japan To Look Awesome

What's this? A new and slightly more improved Deff Cleave aluminum bumper case, a.k.a the Draco 5 in North America. It's an unreleased Japanese model that'll soon be available world wide. The Cleave Aero by Deff is the same three-dimensional and insanely curvy CNC machined aluminum bumper as the Draco 5, with one difference in that it features a TPU bumper on the inside that'll provide better shock-absorption and complete isolation from metal on metal contact. Each Cleave Aero comes with one red and one gray thin inner TPU bumper that you can see forms a parameter around the front and back sides of the iPhone 5 while also serving as the Aero's volume and power buttons. Gone are the integrated metal buttons and the silent switch. Deff claims the new design of the Aero will not interfere with signal reception.

It's an interesting new look for the Cleave and soon to be Draco Aero that will let users color-customize their bumper straight out of the box. There will only be two color options including a white colored Aero called the Luxury that features a glossy powder-coat finish that closely resembles that of a car's paint finish, and a matte anodized black Aero dubbed the Dark Knight. As for price, the Aero will go for around $90 when released in North America.

Casemachine Forza, i5 Slimline iPhone 5 Cases Meld Aluminum With TPU

A newly formed premium case brand called Casemachine, formally known as Atomic Industries, has a few bold hybrid aluminum cases out for the iPhone 5 that managed to catch our attention. Things didn't work out all that much under its previous venture, but it seems like Casemachine is off to a great start with two of its latest iPhone 5 offerings, which are deeply inspired by high-performance cars and promise no signal degradation despite having the qualities of aluminum and genuine carbon fiber elements in their construction. And if you're a Galaxy S3 owner, there's also a little something for you too.

The first is called the i5 Slimline (above), an ultra-slim, 0.42-inch thick aluminum hybrid case that sports a sleek profile and features a screw-less design and integrated machined volume, power and silent switch buttons. A high-impact TPU interior frame adds shock-absorption protection while an anodized aluminum band gives the case its signature premium look, and ergonomic grip. The i5 Slimline offers a choice of either a carbon fiber or Alcantara (a type of suede used in exotic sports cars) backplate. You'll be glad to know that the i5 Slimline case costs a modest $50. That'll show Element Case.

Casemachine's second iPhone 5 offering is called the Forza, a user customizable aluminum hybrid case with a unique angular shape that'll make your iPhone 5 look more like a Motorola Razr Maxx. The Forza is slightly more expensive at $70, and its hybrid construction which shares an uncanny resemblance with that of the Atomic Hybrid C bumper we once reviewed. It features an interchangeable aluminum side rail available in multiple anodized color options, a standard black polycarbonate frame and a shock-absorbing TPU liner. The Forza includes a silver or black carbon fiber backplate of your choice, while an Alcantara and a unique Dimensional polycarbonate backplates are sold individually. 

Casemachine's i5 Slimline and Forza cases can be pre-ordered now in many different colors, and will start to ship on March 20. Sadly, all Casemachine has to show at this time are poorly presented renders of its iPhone 5 cases. Albeit, we have gotten a hold of a few images showing the Forza and i5 Slimline prototypes, so be sure to check those out down below.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Slim iPhone 5 Bumper Sleeker Than Before

If a slim bumper is what you're after, Spigen's new Neo Hybrid EX Slim bumper case for the iPhone 5 is the sort of bumper designed to really highlight the thin profile of Apple's hottest gadget, and we think it looks like a must have. Knowing that Spigen's Neo Hybrid EX is one of the best iPhone 5 bumper-style cases around - and we've even given it our Editors' Choice award, the now newer and slimmer Neo Hybrid EX Slim would be an absolute joy to use.

Besides having a much slimmer form factor than its slightly more protective sibling, the Neo Hybrid EX Slim is supposedly designed to be more tight-fitting around the iPhone 5. It features built-in tactile silicone buttons and a dual-layer design comprised of an inner layer of silicone and a hard, UV coated polycarbonate frame to provide you with just the right level of protection and grip, all while being very thin. Spigen's new Neo Hybrid EX Slim is of course available in the Vivid, Metal and Snow series which all amounts to 14 different color choices. The Neo Hybrid EX Slim is now available for $32, and it includes a set of three jelly bean home buttons, excellent full coverage front and back protection films.

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Element Case Sector 5 Replica iPhone 5 Bumper Sells For Under $40

Element Case's $140 premium aluminum machined Sector 5 bumper for the iPhone 5 has found itself in the hands of the Chinese knock-off case mafia. If you've always wanted to grab yourself a Sector 5 but couldn't bare the thought of dropping down a cool $140, this Sector 5 Aviation aluminum bumper replica is nearly an exact copy that now sells for just under $40; and it features the same Multi-Link functional design for one screw installation. And best of all, it's available in multiple color options.

Don't expect the Sector 5 knock-off to have the same superb fit and finish as the original one, but mind you the price is without a doubt right. By the looks of it, the Sector 5 Aviation replica does not come with a suede back plate to protect the back side of your iPhone 5.

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Gresso Revolution Titanium iPhone 5 Bumper Case, High Rollers Only

Feast your eyes on the world's most expensive iPhone 5 case. If your pockets run deep, real deep, then this $3,000 iPhone 5 bumper case will surely catch your attention. The Revolution by the luxury fashion designer house, Gresso, is a the most expensive metal bumper case money can buy. The Revolution bumper is limited to 999 serialized and engraved pieces and features a unique magnetic, two-piece seamless secured locking installation that doesn't require any screwing (that is if you've got the money). The Revolution is milled from a solid piece of titanium for its strength, light weight and resistance to scratching.

The titanium is hand-finished with a beautiful slate colored and textured matte finish that undergoes a coating of PVD for additional durability. You want a logo? How about an engraved 18k gold logo inlay to top it all off. The Revolution is a fairly basic bumper, albeit offers premium material and a cool magnetic latch system. Gresso's premium bumper will go on sale on October 12th for a cool $3,000.