Ag++ Aluminum Bumper Case, Another iPhone Bumper Beauty

We be you thought iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases got boring right? How about these latest CNC machined aluminum bumper cases designed by Italian designer Andrea Ponti dubbed the Ag++. Although this looks like another impossibly comfortable to hold Draco IV bumper, the Ag++ was designed to be ergonomic when held and features a beautiful two-tone color scheme that's available in a slew of different colors from glossy to matte finished. The bumper case has a two-piece, slim construction that comes together and ia secured using two hex screws.

The Ag++ aluminum bumper case is lined with shock absorbing lining and offers direct access to all ports and buttons , and includes two carbon fiber-like black and silver back skins at $50. Yes it looks pretty, but the company hasn't mentioned whether or not the Ag++ degrades the iPhone's reception being that it's fully made out of metal.

E13ctron S4V Aluminum Case For Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Begin

E13ctron has finally opened up pre-orders for its S4V, the Verizon iPhone 4 compatible CNC machined aluminum bumper case. The S4V is now available to pre-order for $84.99 in a matte or glossy finish. As with the S4 aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 4, you have the option to choose your own colors for the S4V for a two-tone look or simply a solid color. Separate bottom and top pieces are available to purchase as well. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to E13ctron and customize your very own S4V. Or you could just check out our review of the S4 case. It's your choice really. The S4V starts shipping on April 18.

Nir Schneider