Apple Offers Free Cases!


Today, at Apple's press conference about the iPhone 4 antenna problem, Steve Jobs explained everything that was wrong with the iPhone 4.

Steve began the keynote by saying that their phones aren't perfect. But then continued saying that the iPhone 4 was the biggest phone launch ever and that the iPhone 4 has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any any smartphone.


Then Steve went on to show some pictures of other smartphones dropping bars and saying that the problem occurs in all phones.


Then there stats about the complaints. Apparently, 0.55% of customers have complained about the antenna problem and that in the same time period, the iPhone 4 had has a 1/3 less returns than what the 3GS had in the same amount of time. Also, the iPhone 4 drops less than one additional call per 100 than the 3GS and that "the problem of affects a small percentage of our users."


So what is apple going to do about it? Well firstly they are going to offer free bumpers to all iPhone 4 customers and a refund if you already bought a bumper. They also said, as they can't make enough bumpers, they will also offer free third-party cases. This will run until the September 30th. Next, they are going to give a full refund to all unsatisfactory customers and a contract refund as well. All you need to do is return an undamaged iPhone 4 within 30 days of purchase.


In other Apple news, the white iPhone 4 will be available at the end of July, along with Canada and 16 other countries getting the iPhone 4 (See them here). Also that the proximity sensor problem will be fixed by a software update.

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Apple Press Conference Is A Go This Friday

Apple will hold a press conference this Friday, most likely about the iPhone 4's antenna issues. The press conference will start at 10AM PST sharp, Friday the 16th. We will finally know what really is going on, and Engadget will be there to cover it live. 

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iPhone 4 Has Signal Problems?

Well for all of those people who have waited for hours on end for your brand new iPhone 4, you may of been disappointed as there has been many reports of the iPhone 4 having signal problems. Now this only happens when you hold the iPhone in your left hand with the metal band touching your skin. And if you go back to the WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs said that the join between the 2 parts of the antenna join in the bottom left hand corner; so the contact with your hand could be short-circuiting the antenna.

Now this happens EVERY time your touch the bottom left hand corner and it slowly loses signal strength and then eventually drops the call. Not Good. See the video below.

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