Leatherman Acquires LED Flashlight Company


Leatherman Tool Group Inc. has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH &Co. KB (say THAT five times fast!). They are best known for their range of LED Lenser lights, the most popular LED Light in Europe. 

The acquisition gives the largest multi-tool maker in the world another range of technology to incorporate into  their tools. With lumen outputs ranging from tiny to 1000 plus there are a host of applications for the LED Lenser products.

LED Lenser brings a range of unique approaches to lights, including combining lens and reflector based systems in a single flashlight. This overcomes the weakness of either approach and allows their lights to be equally effective in up-close and distance applications.

Their Rapid Focus method of adjustment is simple to accomplish with one hand and is incorporated into all their lights with Advanced Focus System functionality. Although only completed at the beginning of August it will be very interesting to see the applications that a company like Leatherman can find for these LED lights.

Further info on LED Lenser and Leatherman are available at their websites.