Apple Restricting Access To iPhone 4 With Special Screws

We all had fun changing out our iPhone 4's back to white and other sorts of various colors and materials, but now it looks like Apple isn't so happy with you having access to your iPhone 4's insides and has started to ship iPhone 4's with new and specialized five-point 'Pentalobe' screws. These screws look like Torx screws but have rounded edges and are more difficult to open not to mention you will have a hard time finding the right tool. Before all this, Apple shipped the iPhone 4 with simple Phillips screws and just recently started to change to regular Torx screws. Until today, if you were to get your iPhone 4 repaired, Apple would change and upgrade your screws from old to new without even asking or telling you. It seems as though now Apple will start using their Pentalobe screws instead of Torx screws. 

Nir Schneider