Just Mobile's AluCube Will Hold Your AluPen Stylus

Today is the day all of you AluPen stylus users should rejoice because Just Mobile has rolled out the only missing component to the pencil-shaped aluminum stylus called the AluCube. It's a solid chunk of an aluminum cube that acts almost like a dock to stand the AluPen stylus in an upright angle. The AluPen simply slides into the AluCube's rubberized interior hole at the top when you're not using it. A neat little desk accessory that will not only look good, but it will also help keep one of your charging cables tidied up. The AluCube is available as a standalone cubical AluPen desk holder for $15.95, or for those of you who don't own an AluPen - in a AluCube plus AluPen bundle for $39.95.

Nir Schneider