Blue Announces Nessie USB Adaptive Microphone

Oh snap, we've found Nessie the Loch Ness monster! Well not really, but Blue's latest consumer microphone pays a bit of homage to the mythical creature with its unique design. Blue's Nessie is a $100 adaptive USB desk mic designed for non-professionals looking to record voiceovers, vocals, instruments and more without having to tinker around with knobs and settings. The Nessie automatically sets the appropriate EQ, de-esser and level controls depending on what you're recording in real time to produce professionally enhanced, and expertly finished sound without any post editing on your part. The Nessie features a studio grade, built-in pop filter and shock mount that help reduce both vibrations from a desk, and disruptive plosives for a clean polished sound. 

The Nessie has a single internal mic condenser capsule with a carded pattern which can be adjusted up or down, and a zero-latency headphone output complete with volume and mute controls for monitoring your audio as you record it. And that's not all the Nessie has to offer. In case you'd like to take things into your own hands, there are three types of recording modes that are optimized for richer vocals, more detailed instruments and straight up raw audio recording which you can set yourself and edit in post production. You can even directly connect the Nessie to your iPad using Apple's camera adapter. Looks for Blue's Nessie USB mic to be released in Q1 2013.

Nir Schneider