Trunk Bends Over Backwards As A Posable Short Lightning Cable

Among the plethora of short Lightning connector cables that have recently hit the market comes a more versatile accessory called the Trunk. Not only is it a shortened USB to Lightning connector charge & sync cable, but a cable that can be bent like a gooseneck into a vertical in-car GPS stand among other uses when plugged into a USB outlet. It's solid, yet it's also flexible just like Laffy Taffy. Now let's see your limp Lightning cable do this. The Trunk is made by iLoveHandles, the same folks that have come up with other ingenious accessories for Apple products like the Facet magnetic pyramid stand for iPads.

By the look of it, the Trunk doesn't seem like it would fit many protective iPhone 5 cases so keep that in mind. A micro-USB variant is also available in black for all you Android users. Both can be pre-ordered now for $20, and are expected to ship on June 15.