Mutator Silence Switch Will Really Mute Your iPhone With A Twist

Are you someone who uses their iPhone's mute switch on a daily basis only to be reminded that, well, it really silence your iPhone completely. The mute switch is actually only designed to mute your ringtone and not Siri, music, video, mail alerts, camera shutter and other apps that can disturb your one simple request for silence. Mutator is one clever little low-profiled dongle shaped like a pyramid that plugs directly into your headphone port, and with a twist, Mutator will instantly and completely silence your iPhone from any and all unwanted sounds except for any alarms you've set of course.

It also won't interfere with the actual mute switch, meaning it won't silence your ringtone/text audio notification instead. Twisting it back disengages its silencing effect. That quick and brilliantly easy. A white indicator is notched into one side of the Mutator to serve as a visual on/off indicator. The one negative concerning such types of add-on accessories like the MyLED and many before it, is having to sacarfice your one and only headphone port.

You can pre-order it via Kickstarter right now for $16, in either black or white.

Nir Schneider