ViVAX, A Case Worthy Of Your Laptop

So you bought a $3,000 MacBook Pro and are trying to figure out how to protect it short of just leaving it at home. Take a look at ViVAX, a military grade case that is waterproof, shockproof, and crushproof. Currently still raising funds on its Kickstarter page, ViVAX is an Italian made laptop case that looks like something from a James Bond movie. The outer shell is made of material similar to crash helmets with the interior lining being “shockproof techno-polymer.” This is all sealed with a special Neoseal rubber that’s waterproof and allows it to be unsinkable. 

If you’re still having doubts about the quality of this case, they ran it over with a car and the case, and more importantly, the laptop was just fine. £59 (about $95) gets you a case and £85 (about $137) gets you the case and the backpack carrying system.