XiStera Puts Several Successful Kickstarter Accessories Into One iPhone 5 Adapter

Needless to say, the iPhone is a fantastic little device we take everywhere with us. It lacks a huge screen yes, but you can make up for that little nuisance in a big way thanks to a magnitude of useful accessories made exclusively for the iPhone, leaving the well endowed with their removable batteries and widgets. What if someone took some of Kickstarter's big iPhone accessory hits such as the Glif tripod mount, the Opena bottle opener case and the olloclip lens attachment to conceive one accessory that does it all? XiStera is an all-in-one accessory adapter for the iPhone 5 which combines some of the best Kickstarter accessories into one affordable gizmo.

Shamelessly designed after the Glif tripod mount, the XiStera is rigid one-piece rubber adapter with metal interior hardware that attaches to the side corner of the iPhone 5. It features 8 functions including a bottle opener, a stylus tip, a tripod mount with portrait and landscape threading points, an angled landscape and portrait stand, keychain attachment, EarPods/earphone organizer, and best of all an interchangeable magnetic 3-lens adapter (macro, fisheye, wide angle) you can fit into your pocket.

You can pre-order the XiStera starting at $30 for a limited time ($35 soon after), or if you're really into using your iPhone 5 as your dedicated camera - you can opt for the $50 pro package which includes two extra telephoto lenses and a rechargeable 32 LED video light that you can attach to one of XiStera's two tripod threads. By the look of it, these guys thought about everything, took some great Kickstarter ideas and improved upon them with the XiStera iPhone 5 adapter.