Elago P3 Tablet Stand for iPad

The Elago P3 is another very solid aluminum stand for the iPad with a very elegant look. The P3 stand is made from a solid piece of aluminum to match your iPad in the best way possible. Some of the very important features a stand should have is the possibility to work with your iPad even if you've got a case on, because lets face it most of us have a case on all the time to protect out iPads and we don't want to take out cases of just to use a stand or any other accessory. I'm glad to say that the P3 does not disappoint and will work with most iPad cases which is just fantastic.

Elago made the P3 such a simple yet very effective stand, it just works even when you don't have the possibility to adjust any viewing angles. The P3 stand sits at the perfect angle for viewing movies and other apps so that you don't even have to mess around with angles. The P3 stand does have rubber coating spots so that you don't have to worry about your iPad getting in contact with the aluminum.

Also, the P3 stand has two rubber feet on the bottom so that it will not scratch your surface and it also will help with traction. 

For this review I am using a case on my iPad by SwitchEasy called the Reptile which isn't the most slim cases available and the P3 stand has no issue at all fitting it with room to spare. I definitely see thicker iPad cases fitting in the P3 stand as well. You can see that there are two slots located at the back which are meant for cable management and help you keep your charging cable organized as much as possible for a cleaner look. 

You can of course use your iPad in both landscape and portrait modes with the P3 stand. You can fully interact and use your touchscreen and the P3 will be extremely stable and solid. I would highly recommend the Elago P3 stand for the iPad if you're looking for a simple and useful stand that gets the job done. The P3 stand comes in natural silver and black colors. Price $29.99.


Nir Schneider