Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers With Control Talk

The Monster Turbine are a very well made pair of in-ears with extremely solid metal construction that feels and looks awesome. Iv'e been using the Turbines for a month now and I enjoyed every minute of my music. These have no connection to the more known Beats By Dr. Dre line and are entirely by Monster. The Turbine take a very similar shape and design of Monster's popular video cables, they have red and blue rings to help distinguish from right to left while also adding a lot to the overall design. Metal construction is always a good to help you enjoy your earphones for many years without them breaking, and the Turbine are very well constructed and don't feel cheap. There is a nice heft to them but once you have them in your ears you don't notice them.

At a pretty affordable price range, the Monster Turbine have great sound quality that most people will enjoy. If you love good bass in your music the Turbine deliver thumping bass, it's almost like having a small subwhoofer in your ears. The sound clarity still remains very clear overall and instruments sound very detailed. The Turbine do benefit from burn-in time which you will mostly notice in the bass that gets tighter and more balanced. You're not going to have muddy or distorted sound listening with the Turbine what so ever. The Turbine's bass can sometimes overpower the mids in certain music but it gets much better after you have gone thru hours of burn-in time while listening to audio.

The Turbine have a very warm and whole sound and it really lets you enjoy every single genre of music from power hungry songs to acoustic songs. Monster has made a great pair of in-ears for a very decent price and I think a lot of people will really enjoy the Turbine.

THe Monster Turbine also have Control Talk that is an inline mic and music control buttons that allow you to control your volume, music and take calls. The Control Talk mic quality is fantastic and one of the best Iv'e heard on headsets. If you don't need to use the Control Talk, Monster also has the Turbine in a non-Control Talk version as well. The 3.5mm jack is very slim and made to fit almost any device even with a case on. 

With the Monster Turbine included are two types of storage options from a magnet flip pouch to a more sporty soft felt type of pouch. I personally use the softer more sporty pouch because it feels less bulky. While the silicone tips that are proved don't block much outside noise, I suggest getting foam tips as they are excellent in blocking out outside noise. Monster does offer their version of foam tips which I think should have been included with the Turbine too. Overall I think that the monster Turbine are well worth their price, and if you look online you can get them for a cheaper price than the actual retail price. Price $189.95.

Nir Schneider