JAYS t-Jays Three In-Ear Earphones

We've got yet another pair of high end earphones from JAYS for you, this time we have the t-Jays Three. As small as the t-Jays Three are, they out perform on-ear headphones like the Beats By Dre Studios, Philips The Stretch and more. The t-Jays Three might be small but they produce studio quality sound that is mostly found in on-ear headphones with larger drivers. It's pretty unbelievable how JAYS perfected their line of in-ears. I thought it would hard to beat the a-Jays Three, and here come a long the t-Jays Three with their amazing professional sound quality and 10mm TCD dynamic driver. Read on for the full review after the break!

The t-Jays Three are a perfect blend of style and sound. This kind of performance is hard to find in earphones because the t-Jays Three hit every check mark you ever need to be able to fully enjoy your whole entire music library. Listening to music and movies with the t-Jays Three could not be anymore fun and enjoyable, they deliver such an incredible sound. 

There is not a single bad thing to say about these, and I'm happy to say that I found my favorite everyday earphones that actually replace my on-ear headphones. There really is not need for these big and un-portable headphones when you've got such tiny in-ears which can easily perform just as well if not better. 

The t-Jays Three have a demi-god like sound, not godly but close. You can hear every single instrument in small detail while voices are as clear as real life. There is not a trace of muddiness or distorted sound to be found here. The mids are well defined and can clearly be distinguished between the rest of the instruments. You're going to be blown away by how incredible the bass is on the t-Jays Three. It's unlike anything I've heard before in in-ear earphones. The bass is so powerful yet still manages to be clear, tight and most off all, it doesn't overpower. What's so good about the JAYS in-ears is the they sound perfect right out of the box, no need to burn them in.

Not only do the t-Jays Three sound incredible, they are built very well and have a matte soft-touch coating. The t-Jays Three are also extremely comfortable inside the ears and will not fall out even if you run away from zombies. The silicone sleeves do a great job at keeping outside noise to a minimum so you can enjoy your music at lower levels. The t-Jays Three are designed in a way that they sit completely flush inside your ears, allowing you to rest your head on a pillow without any discomfort. 

You cannot go wrong with the t-Jays Three by JAYS. If you're seeking a perfect sounding pair of in-ears, these are for you. Price $99.99.


Nir Schneider