STM Glove Pad Neoprene iPad Sleeve

A simple neoprene sleeve is always a good choice for protecting your iPad or any other device for that matter. The Glove Pad by STM does just that with it's 3mm thick neoprene. The Glove Pad is very form-fitting and fits the iPad just right. There is however a very noticeable deformation in the sleeve caused by the finished zipper ends on the inside. This affects the whole clean look of the Glove Pad and also makes handling your iPad weird. You can see that there are bulges on both sides of the Glove Pad which is a shame that STM could not construct this sleeve without affecting the clean, slim form factor. 

I do love the grippy pull tag but I still cannot get over those bulges. Your iPad's aluminum bezel stays protecting from getting scratches by the zipper thanks to the padded zipper guards on the inside. While the Glove Pad protects your iPad from scratches and light bumps, there are better choices out there for simple neoprene iPad sleeves. The Glove Pad is available in three colors. Price $25.

Nir Schneider