Incipio Microtexture Case for iPod Touch 4G

The Incipio microtexture case for the iPod Touch 4G has got to be the grippiest case out there. Silicone and raised bumps give you an ultimate tactile grip of your thin iPod Touch 4G no matter what you do. The microtexture's texture feels exactly like a lizard's skin and has the grip power of Spiderman's fingers. It feels really good in the hand and it provides a great amount of protection to your iPod Touch 4G. Catch the full review after the break!

Being a very grippy silicone case you would think that lint and dust will easily attract to it, and yes that is the case but it's more of lint and dust getting trapped in between the raised bumps that make up the texture. You're not going to notice the microtexture attracting much lint and dust for a while, and once you do you can simply rinse the microtexture under water to clean it up. Of course a black color of the microtexture will show much more lint and dust so be aware of the color you choose. 

Included with the Incipio microtexture is a high quality clear screen protector which I decided to use on the iPod Touch 4G. To my surprise, the Inicpio screen protector fit on perfectly the first time and without any air bubbles. The feel is silky smooth just like the expensive and popular PowerSupport screen protectors. If you don't already have a screen protector on your iPod Touch 4G, then Incipio's screen protectors are a big plus. You almost can't tell there is a screen protector on this iPod Touch.The home button and front camera cutouts are nice a big so you won't have any issues aligning the screen protector.

The microtexture case provides a generous amount of lip surrounding the screen so that you have a great lay-on-the-table design. The only small issue I found with the microtexture case is that the sides are a bit flimsy when touched but they seem to stay in place very well. You're only going to notice the sides peel off if you place you fingers on top.  Other than that the microtexture holds up it's shape very well and form-fits the iPod Touch 4G nicely. 

Volume and sleep/wake buttons are protected and easy to press. The back camera and bottom headphones port cutouts are all perfectly cut. The Incipio microtexture is a great protective silicone case with some serious grip. You can pick up a microtexture in three colors for $24.99.