Here's How To Get Yourself A White iPhone 4 (DIY)

Tired of waiting on Apple to release a white iPhone 4? Just when you thought you will need to use decals or cases just to change the looks of your iPhone 4, it turns out that changing the back cover on the iPhone 4 is extremely easy and quick. As you can see I've got myself a white iPhone 4, well not entirely because it's only white on one side. It's a lot easier to change the back part of the iPhone 4 than the front panel. Some may even like their iPhone 4's front to be black and not white anyway so it's a win win right?

You can pick up a glass white back cover replacement for your iPhone 4 on eBay and other sites for less than $30, which is a great deal considering a plastic iPhone 4 case costs the same. Be careful when buying yours, look for white glass covers that have a full housing that are used to slide and lock onto your iPhone 4, and you also need to make sure it comes with a metal ring around the camera and flash. The quality might vary between these white cover replacements and I have managed to pick an almost exact replica of the original Apple back glass cover. I found no issues with my camera and LED flash using the white back cover since it came with the metal camera ring and flash diffuser. 

Installation is very easy and everyone should be capable of doing this. All you need to do in order to replace the back of your iPhone 4 is to remove the two small screws located at the bottom of your iPhone 4 in between the speaker and mic. After you have removed the two small screws, push the back cover upwards a bit until it stops, then lift up the back cover off the iPhone 4. Now you can see your iPhone 4's internals, simply repeat the process with your replacement white cover and secure the two small screws.

And that's it you're done, enjoy your iPhone 4's white back. If white isn't something you're looking for then these glass covers are also available in many different colors including actual brushed aluminum covers. This is a cheap and fast way to change your black iPhone 4 into a white colored iPhone 4 or even to replace your iPhone 4's broken glass back. You should keep your original black back cover in a safe place should you need to get your iPhone 4 repaired at the Apple store since doing this conversion will void your warranty. 

Nir Schneider