SwitchEasy Reptile Case for iPad

SwitchEasy's Reptile case for the iPad has a distinctive reptile look with it's Crocodile textured back. The Reptile case for the iPad isn't made for everyone obviously, but more for those who seek this very specific look and feel for their iPad. As you would expect from SwitchEasy the Reptile looks and feels fantastic with some extra goodies included. 

The Reptile is a two piece case featuring a semi-flexible material back part (it feels a bit harder than TPU) and a polycarbonate frame that fully covers and snaps onto the rest of the case and iPad, SwitchEasy calls it the UlrtaFrame. Installing the Reptile onto the iPad is fairly easy but can take you some time getting both parts to completely sit flush together. Iv'e had some trouble getting the two parts to sit flush at some points and while everything is securely in place, I think the two parts of the case should always sit flush together without any visible gaps. 

This polycarbonate frame can flex when you hold your iPad near the bezel which throws off the whole fit and creates a gap between the two parts. It's gets annoying every time this happens and it's the most noticeable flaw of this case. 

The Reptile offers an almost complete protection to the iPad. Ports and buttons are accessible however the covered buttons are not so easy to press without a lot of feedback. The headphones port cutout will fit most slim headphone jacks similar to Apple's in-ears. 

Overall the Reptile case for the iPad isn't a bulky case and it offers a good amount of grip thanks to the unique Crocodile texture. I don't feel like the Reptile is a good drop protective case as it will not absorb shock very well but it does a great job at protecting the iPad from scratches, bumps, dents and light drops. 

With the Reptile included are two portable stands that fold out and work very well on a single angle. SwitchEasy also includes two dock connector port covers, two headphone jack port covers which are very useful little add-ons. Also, included is a clear screen protector. The Reptile case for the iPad is available in five different colors. Price $39.99.


Nir Schneider