OtterBox Commuter for iPhone 4 Review

OtterBox is known for making rugged cases that can withstand most bumps and drops. This time we are looking at their "Mid-Range" Case, the Commuter. Its the middle of the line slotting between the Defender and Impact Cases. Its a Hybrid style case consisting of a Soft Silicone wrapped by a Plastic outer shell. It Retails for $34.99 in a variety of color combinations and comes packaged with a screen protector. So Is it worth the money? Read on to find out.

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SwitchEasy Reptile Case for iPad

SwitchEasy's Reptile case for the iPad has a distinctive reptile look with it's Crocodile textured back. The Reptile case for the iPad isn't made for everyone obviously, but more for those who seek this very specific look and feel for their iPad. As you would expect from SwitchEasy the Reptile looks and feels fantastic with some extra goodies included. 

The Reptile is a two piece case featuring a semi-flexible material back part (it feels a bit harder than TPU) and a polycarbonate frame that fully covers and snaps onto the rest of the case and iPad, SwitchEasy calls it the UlrtaFrame. Installing the Reptile onto the iPad is fairly easy but can take you some time getting both parts to completely sit flush together. Iv'e had some trouble getting the two parts to sit flush at some points and while everything is securely in place, I think the two parts of the case should always sit flush together without any visible gaps. 

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SwitchEasy NUDE Case for iPad

The NUDE by SwitchEasy is an ultra thin case that provides protection for the back of your iPad without adding any bulk what so ever. The NUDE is only 1mm in thickness and it really lets you enjoy your iPad as if it was naked. This is a high quality back cover without any sharp corners or edges, it's cut perfectly to fit the iPad. You've got easy access to your buttons, dock and orientation lock switch. Even the speakers cutouts are precisely cut. The NUDE provides great protection against any harmful scratches or dents being made to your iPad's delicate aluminum. Your iPad's back is fully covered by the NUDE's hard polycarbonate as well as all around the iPad's sides. The only thing the NUDE will no protect is your iPad's front screen. There is not lip over the bezel so you need to take note of that. While the NUDE is mostly a back cover case for the iPad, it is highly recommended. The neat thing about this clear version of the NUDE is that you can have a skin like the GelaSkins installed on your iPad's back side, and showcase it off.

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