id America Cushi Soft Foam Pad Skin for iPhone 4

We covered many skins here on Gadgetmac, from carbon fiber, leather and vinyl skins for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even MacBooks. Until now skins have been the preferred and cheap way of having some sort protection against scratches and even a neat way of adding some color and flare to your device. Those skins that we're all accustomed to are all flat with little to no grip. id America's latest Cushi skins are here to change all of that. Catch the full review of these wacky 3D-like textured skins for the iPhone 4 right after the jump.

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Wrapsol Original Front + Back Matte Protective Skin for iPad 2

All you new iPad 2 owners must be going crazy over the Smart Cover ordeal leaving your iPad 2's beautiful aluminum back prone to scratches. Worry no more, Wrapsol is a clear protective film that uses a wet installation process like many other similar clear films. Ever since I reviewed Wrapsol's matte back protective film for the first gen iPad and iPhone 3GS, I got hooked on the look. What's special about Wrapsol's skins is that they have a matte texture to them so they match very well with Apple's aluminum gadgets. This time we're going to take a look at the Wrapsol Original Front + Back protective films for the iPad 2. Catch the full review after the jump.

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Padlette Silicone Grip Handle for iPad 2

Padlette for the iPad was a big favorite of mine when I reviewed it a while back. Now comes the iPad 2 with a thinner and lighter construction and it's in need of a Padlette. If you're not already familiar with the Padlette, it's a silicone grip handle that stretches over the back of the iPad and opens up a lot of grippy possibilities. The Padlette for the iPad 2 is just as fun so check out the full review of this grip buddy right after the break.

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SGP Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 Review

The SGP Ultra Thin is one of the better cases on the market which are currently available for the iPhone 4. In the package you have so much included for the money you are paying. First off all, you get the case of course. You have a Steinheil LCD film protector, a nice little microfiber cloth, a logo protection film because of the cutout on the back of the case which shows off the Apple logo and 10 pieces of LED Flash diffused reflection protector which should solve the flash issue, that is if you have any issues which is very unlikely.

It's a snap on back cover for your iPhone 4 but you will say, " Hey I've seen a similar case like this. Why is this one unique?!? " Well, first of all I haven't seen a case which is better fitting, I mean it fits perfectly. The cutouts, the form-factor and the overall feel of the case will remind you of the iPhone 4's original design. 
One of the reasons I love this case is that it doesn't scratch easily but it's a fingerprint magnet. Also if you go for the black version, I think it will show the fingerprints more as well as the dust specks. It adds a little bit of grip but it doesn't add bulk to the phone so you can enjoy it's original design. More of the review after the break.

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SwitchEasy NUDE Case for iPad

The NUDE by SwitchEasy is an ultra thin case that provides protection for the back of your iPad without adding any bulk what so ever. The NUDE is only 1mm in thickness and it really lets you enjoy your iPad as if it was naked. This is a high quality back cover without any sharp corners or edges, it's cut perfectly to fit the iPad. You've got easy access to your buttons, dock and orientation lock switch. Even the speakers cutouts are precisely cut. The NUDE provides great protection against any harmful scratches or dents being made to your iPad's delicate aluminum. Your iPad's back is fully covered by the NUDE's hard polycarbonate as well as all around the iPad's sides. The only thing the NUDE will no protect is your iPad's front screen. There is not lip over the bezel so you need to take note of that. While the NUDE is mostly a back cover case for the iPad, it is highly recommended. The neat thing about this clear version of the NUDE is that you can have a skin like the GelaSkins installed on your iPad's back side, and showcase it off.

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Wrapsol For iPhone 3GS

Wrapsol is an anti-scratch protection solution for your iPhone or any other gadgets you might have that gives you great protection against scratches and even gives you better grip. The Wrapsol kit comes with 2 films, one for the front screen and one for the back, what makes Wrapsol so different is that their back protection gives you iPhone a great matte look and also makes it finger print free! Also you get more grip because of the grainy texture the back protection film has, now you can have a great looking matte iPhone without any fingerprints. The front screen protector film is clear and not matte. Wrapsol makes it very easy for you to apply your protection kit onto your iPhone and within a few minutes you can be done.

After you apply the back piece I would recommend putting you iPhone into a silicone case for a few hours just to help with the corners to stay in place, you will see it’s very easy but you just need to take your time and you will have a fantastic looking iPhone, just allow a few hours to pass until the process is fully complete as per Wrapsols instructions. Wrapsols protection kit includes a very nicely sized real microfiber cloth, a flexible rubber squeegee, a glass application solution spray and a very easy to follow instruction that i did not even need to use to install my kit. I highly recommend getting this protection kit even if you are using a silicone case already. Having a Wrapsol on your iPhone might not be compatible with tight sliding cases.  Wrapsol is made in the U.S.A. Wrapsol is also available for the iPad. Price $24.95.

Nir Schneider