id America Cushi Soft Foam Pad Skin for iPhone 4

We covered many skins here on Gadgetmac, from carbon fiber, leather and vinyl skins for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even MacBooks. Until now skins have been the preferred and cheap way of having some sort protection against scratches and even a neat way of adding some color and flare to your device. Those skins that we're all accustomed to are all flat with little to no grip. id America's latest Cushi skins are here to change all of that. Catch the full review of these wacky 3D-like textured skins for the iPhone 4 right after the jump.

id America has sent over their full collection of their latest new product, the Cushi for the iPhone 4. You can pick one out of three Cushis for $11.99. Included with the Cushi are clear front and back screen protectors, a total of 6 little round home button Cushis and one back Cushi skin for the iPhone 4. 

The Cushi is a one-of-a-kind back skin for the iPhone 4 that sets itself apart from all the rest with its 3d-like texture that is so very detailed. The Cushi is essentially a simple back foam pad that sticks to the back of your iPhone 4 just like any other skin out there and it will not leave any sticky residue after removal. Installation is really a piece of cake and very easy to get done.

The graphic that is printing and then heat pressed to create this stunning looking depth is very well detailed and does indeed add a good amount of grip while holding your iPhone 4 in the hand. Because the Cushi is made out of foam, it's nicely padded and will provide a lot more bump protection to the back of your iPhone 4 than a normal flat skin would like a GelaSkins skin. The Cushi feels like a soft padded memory foam skin when you touch it and it definitely adds character to your phone. These skins are not something that would appeal to everyone and it's certainly a factor of personal opinion. I myself wasn't immediately attracted to the Cushi skins, but they grew on me after having spending time using them. I do wish however that id America would release a few more graphics for the Cushi to appeal to more people. 

I have to admit that the Cushi's variety of home buttons are my favorite out of the whole package. The give a fantastic feedback when you use your home button and I think having a Cushi home button adds a much more fun way of using your iPhone 4 on a daily basis. The whole concept I think of the Cushi foam pads is to create a fun and unique form of customization that not many other skins out there offer right now. Bulk is kept to a minimum and the Cushi foam pad skin adds little to no bulk to the back of your iPhone 4.

What happens if you want to use a case in conjunction with the Cushi foam pad? That's not a problem if you are using an Apple Bumper case or a similar type of bumper case. The Cushi is designed to work with the Apple Bumper, and it works as advertised. The cutout for the camera and LED flash is in fact lined with a black outline to help reduce any image washout. I've tested this out and found just a little amount of washout using the LED flash with the Cushi foam pad so I would be aware of that if you take your flash photography seriously. 

If you're tired of normal flat skins, you should definitely check out id America's Cushi foam pad skin for the iPhone 4 at $11.99.