Bracketron Back-iT iPad 2 Case Review

Bracketron, most commonly known for its popular stands and car mounts, has delved into the world of iPad cases with the Back-iT. The Back-iT shell is made from a strong polycarbonate plastic that aims to protect the back of your iPad while still maintaining it’s slim minimalistic design. The Back-iT is offered in the exact same pastel colors as the Apple Smart Cover thus designed to perfectly complement the Smart Cover while protecting both sides of your iPad. Bracketron’s Back-iT iPad case is good on its own but is great when paired with a matching Apple's Smart Cover. Check out the full review after the break!

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Bluelounge Kicks Rubber Pads for iPad 2 Review

We like anything that Bluelounge has put out so far including the most recently released Nest stand for the iPad. This time we've got our hands on Bluelounge's latest and greatest accessory made not only for the iPad 2 it seems, but also for just about any other similarly sized tablet out there including that glossy TouchPad most of you have purchased on the cheap to use as a fancy coffee coaster, or not. Am I the only one? Enough of that though, we're here to show you the brand new Kicks. The Kicks are quite simply rubber rails you stick on the back of your iPad 2, or tablet, to add a form of protection. Bluelounge is all about modern accessories that are affordable and get the job done. The Kicks are yet another promising tablet add-on you just might actually have the need for. Catch the full review after the break!

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SwitchEasy CoverBuddy & NUDE Cases for iPad 2 Review

SwitchEasy is one of my favorite case companies out there. Every single case SwitchEasy puts out is well thought out and polished thoroughly. SwitchEasy's latest slim cases for the iPad 2, the CoverBuddy and the NUDE, offer those who love the iPad 2's slender form factor yet want to get some sort of protection without hurting the beautiful slim esthetics of the iPad 2. Whether you're using an Apple Smart Cover or not, SwitchEasy has got you and your iPad 2 covered. Jump over the break for the full review of both the CoverBuddy and the NUDE cases for the iPad 2!

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id America Cushi Soft Foam Pad Skin for iPhone 4

We covered many skins here on Gadgetmac, from carbon fiber, leather and vinyl skins for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even MacBooks. Until now skins have been the preferred and cheap way of having some sort protection against scratches and even a neat way of adding some color and flare to your device. Those skins that we're all accustomed to are all flat with little to no grip. id America's latest Cushi skins are here to change all of that. Catch the full review of these wacky 3D-like textured skins for the iPhone 4 right after the jump.

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SGP Skin Guard Leather for iPad

Skins are a common thing these days, mostly used to protect your device against scratches but also to change the look. The SGP Skin Guard does both and it's available for the iPad in a leather texture as well as cool looking cube and carbon fiber patterns. You can dock your iPad and use most cases except for slider style cases with the Skin Guard. Catch the full review right after the break.

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Wrapsol Protection For iPad

Wrapsol scratch-proof protection are a great way to keep your iPad scratch-free and also keep the original anodized aluminum look with Wrapsol's matte protection films. Applying the Wrapsol protection onto the iPad takes some time but once you get it on it looks amazing. In the process I've managed to get a few air bubbles that I could not squeegee out. However, you do need to let your Wrapsol set for at least 24 hours. And once I did, all the air bubbles have disappeared leaving a smooth and clear surface. There is only one issue with the Wrapsol protection film I got for the iPad, It was not cut to fit correctly and I had a very hard time aligning it because of that. It turns out it was a little shorter on the bottom but that should be fixed by Wrapsol soon.

Wrapsol are currently the only company to offer a matte finish to their protection films which I personally love. If you would like a glossy and non-matte finish to your device, Wrapsol also offers the Wrapsol Ultra. A Wrapsol protection is a must for your iPad's backside to help keep that beautiful aluminum from scratches and scuffs. Wrapsols are made in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime replacement warranty. Every Wrapsol protection kit includes a fantastic soft microfiber cloth, a non-marking flexible rubber squeegee and a liquid spray application solution. Price $34.95.