SGP Skin Guard Leather for iPad

Skins are a common thing these days, mostly used to protect your device against scratches but also to change the look. The SGP Skin Guard does both and it's available for the iPad in a leather texture as well as cool looking cube and carbon fiber patterns. You can dock your iPad and use most cases except for slider style cases with the Skin Guard. Catch the full review right after the break.

SGP uses 3M adhesive on the Skin Guard skins that will not leave any residue once removed and I can say for a fact that it took me more than 10 tried to perfectly align the Skin Guard on my iPad using the Apple logo cutout as a guide. I was glad to find out that I could easily reposition the Skin Guard and reapply it as many times as I needed. Just as easy as installing a Gelaskins but the downside to the Skin Guard is it does not have air channels to help you easily push out air bubbles that might get trapped underneath the skin. You will need to lift parts of the Skin Guard and reapply in order to push out any air bubbles. 

The Skin Guard is cut a little smaller than the iPad to fit better so the aluminum does show all around. It's a matter of taste if you like the outcome. Personally, I don't mind it. The leather version we have here of the Skin Guard isn't real leather and doesn't even come close to feeling like leather. It only looks like leather. I'm not a fan of fake leather and especially when it feels like plastic instead, which the Skin Guard Leather feels like. I was going to recommend the Skin Guard for the leather look alone, however I would need to retract that because the Skin Guard actually does leave behind a little bit of sticky residue once removed. So the whole 3M adhesive thing doesn't seem to work so good.

I don't like the almost slippery feeling this skin has and it adds no grip to the back of the iPad. The Skin Guard Leather skin is great for protecting against scratches but does poorly imitating real leather. SGP's real leather cases are one of my favorite and it's pretty awful to see these poorly made faux leather skins. With the Skin Guard included is a clear Apple logo protector since there is an open cutout for the Apple logo and you're not going to want to scratch it. You can get the Skin Guard Leather in black or white for $19.99.