Bluelounge Kicks Rubber Pads for iPad 2 Review

We like anything that Bluelounge has put out so far including the most recently released Nest stand for the iPad. This time we've got our hands on Bluelounge's latest and greatest accessory made not only for the iPad 2 it seems, but also for just about any other similarly sized tablet out there including that glossy TouchPad most of you have purchased on the cheap to use as a fancy coffee coaster, or not. Am I the only one? Enough of that though, we're here to show you the brand new Kicks. The Kicks are quite simply rubber rails you stick on the back of your iPad 2, or tablet, to add a form of protection. Bluelounge is all about modern accessories that are affordable and get the job done. The Kicks are yet another promising tablet add-on you just might actually have the need for. Catch the full review after the break!

Surprisingly, there is not much to the Kicks. Not to be confused with sneakers, the Kicks come in a pack of a total of 4 individual Kicks for $11.95, in the traditional Apple gray flavor to best match up with the iPad 2's aluminum back. And they actually do match up quite nicely without really ruining the good looks of the iPad 2. One thing I would have liked to see Bluelounge add is a little more vibrant color options to the Kicks. Some may even want to add a bit of color and personality instead of a more uniform look. Nothing wrong with a little color. Seeing that Bluelounge gradually added more color options to their CableDrop, I have a hunch that they'll do the same with the Kicks as well.

So the whole premise behind the Kicks is a form of protecting the back of your gorgeous iPad 2 from getting scratched or nasty dings from tables, edges and what ever else you put against the back of your iPad 2. The Kicks are also said to work great with the original iPad as well. Removing the protective film from the Kicks reveals a sticky light layer of 3M adhesive that lets you easily stick the Kicks onto the back of your tablet without it leaving any kind of residue while also letting you easily reposition them as much as necessary. All this holds true while I found that I had to reposition the Kicks along side the back of my iPad 2. 

The Kicks work very well in the fact that they offer an anti-slip grip because of their rubbery nature on virtually any surface. What more is that when you find yourself sitting at a table or at your desk, you'll be able to lay your iPad or any other tablet for that matter, right on that sharp edge without having to worry about damaging your tablet. How great is that? I don't know about you, but the Kicks have just found a permanent place on my iPad 2. That is if I didn't have to constantly change cases though. You'll be glad to know that the Kicks will not interfere with the use of the Apple Smart Cover in any way, shape or form. They'll even keep that bottom edge of your iPad 2 from getting scratched up when you use your Smart Cover in the typing angle. 

Until now, everything seems to have been working out flawlessly. However, I did run into some trouble while using the Kicks on my iPad 2. Where I live in California, the weather has been pretty hot and I found that the 3M adhesive the is used on the Kicks wasn't enough to keep them stuck tightly enough throughout the time that I was using them. Occasionally I would find either of the strips started to peel off from the top. I don't know if this is due to the hot weather, but Bluelounge definitely needs to get on this issue right away. I also found that a bit of pressure would shift and deform the Kicks sideways like a strip of Play-Doh. Nothing too serious but again, it's because of the weak adhesive that is used. The adhesive issues I had didn't really hinder the Kicks useless but I can see how it can become disappointing to some.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Kicks are quite ready yet and need some more backing time inside the R&D department. I do hope the Bluelounge fixed this adhesive issue because the Kicks are becoming my favorite form of slim protection.

If you want an idea on what to do with those extra pair of Kicks you just bought, instead of sharing them with someone else, you can MacGyver them onto the front bezel of your iPad to form a pretty nifty hand grip plus add a bit of front screen protection. Works great! What's even more awesome is that your Smart Cover will still be able to completely and securely magnetically attach to both ends of your iPad 2. Double bang for your buck right there.

At this point and time, it's hard to recommend the Kicks because of their current adhesive state. With the being said, at $11.95 I think they are definitely worth trying out. Even while I had a bit of a fuss with these rubber feet-like strips, I really enjoy having them keeping my iPad 2 protected against scratches and dings while letting me maintain the ultra slim form factor I oh so appreciate and love to hold in my hand. Once Bluelounge gets their Kicks together, I wouldn't run off and purchase these right now unless you're curious to test them out for yourselves.