Clear-Coat Macbook Pro 15" Scratch Protection Review

Clear-Coat Macbook Pro 15" Scratch Protection Review

Scratches, scuffs, wear and tear. Everyone hates seeing their prized Macbook Pro or iPhone 4 covered in them. You may have bought a snap-on case or just have to deal without any protection. Problem with cases is all the extra bulk that is added to the gadget. If you are still looking to add as much or even more protection than a case, with little to virtually no bulk whatsoever, Clear-Coat skin is for you. Clear-Coat is easy wet install with support for any device out there including Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Kindle, iPad, and iPhone 4. If you can install a screen shield you can install Clear-Coat just as easy if not easier. Check out the full review after the break!

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Wrapsol Protection For iPad

Wrapsol scratch-proof protection are a great way to keep your iPad scratch-free and also keep the original anodized aluminum look with Wrapsol's matte protection films. Applying the Wrapsol protection onto the iPad takes some time but once you get it on it looks amazing. In the process I've managed to get a few air bubbles that I could not squeegee out. However, you do need to let your Wrapsol set for at least 24 hours. And once I did, all the air bubbles have disappeared leaving a smooth and clear surface. There is only one issue with the Wrapsol protection film I got for the iPad, It was not cut to fit correctly and I had a very hard time aligning it because of that. It turns out it was a little shorter on the bottom but that should be fixed by Wrapsol soon.

Wrapsol are currently the only company to offer a matte finish to their protection films which I personally love. If you would like a glossy and non-matte finish to your device, Wrapsol also offers the Wrapsol Ultra. A Wrapsol protection is a must for your iPad's backside to help keep that beautiful aluminum from scratches and scuffs. Wrapsols are made in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime replacement warranty. Every Wrapsol protection kit includes a fantastic soft microfiber cloth, a non-marking flexible rubber squeegee and a liquid spray application solution. Price $34.95.