Bracketron Back-iT iPad 2 Case Review

Bracketron, most commonly known for its popular stands and car mounts, has delved into the world of iPad cases with the Back-iT. The Back-iT shell is made from a strong polycarbonate plastic that aims to protect the back of your iPad while still maintaining it’s slim minimalistic design. The Back-iT is offered in the exact same pastel colors as the Apple Smart Cover thus designed to perfectly complement the Smart Cover while protecting both sides of your iPad. Bracketron’s Back-iT iPad case is good on its own but is great when paired with a matching Apple's Smart Cover. Check out the full review after the break!


The Bracketron Back-iT is a low profile snap on case made of a polycarbonate back that securely holds and protects your iPad 2 from daily wear and tear. It provides a soft touch design that feels good but still hard enough to protect your iPad from scratches and bumps. The snap on case is perfectly cut to Apple’s iPad 2 and provides full access to all buttons and functions, including camera, volume, and syncing.  

The case is thin enough for the iPad to dock in most charging stations and audio accessories. The camera hole is just cut out enough to allow viewing angles while the top mic, power button, and audio jack all are in a long open cut for easy access. A grill cut out for the speaker is a good way to ensure both the quality of sound as well as the clean look of the case.  

One of the the Back-iT’s main advantages is its ability to pair with Apple’s Smart Cover. It holds the iPad 2 in its corners and the right side, but leaves the left side clear for the Smart Cover. The case is very easy to install by just setting your iPad down on the case and clicking down the four corners. Furthermore, Bracketron is offering the Back-iT in the exact same 5 color options, disregarding the leather colors, as the Apple Smart Cover.  

Overall, one must look at the Back-iT as it was designed and built to look, with an Apple Smart Cover. Doing so, Bracketron has hit a grand slam with a great, simple case that does all you ask of it and still looks good doing it. At $30, it’s not cheap but by no means is it overpriced. Pairing it with an Apple Smart Cover ($40) makes the total price $70 dollars and personally I think that’s a just worthy price. The Back-iT is definitely one of the better back covers available for the iPad 2.