JLab Audio J3MS Single Earbud Review

Do you miss the old days where you would only have one earbud for a headset that cell phone manufactures use to provide? JLab Audio is trying to make a come back with this style on there new JBuds J3MS Single Earbud w/ Microphone. If you hate those quarky bluetooth headsets with the low battery at the perfect moment, them falling out of your ear and you want something corded the J3MS are perfect. They provide simple design with excellent materiel chosen. It has an amazing price point for all that it provides. Check out the full review after the break!

JLab is brining back the old corded headset, single earbud design with the J3MS. These are the brother/sister of the J3, J3M with no difference between which except only one earbud. They are only available right now in black but since the J3/J3M come in a variety of different colors I am hoping they will start selling these in different colors.

The J3MS are very light weight and rugged with there built to last aluminum housing and components with durable flex joints and JLab premium micro-braided tangle free cable. The button on the microphone doesn't feel cheap and isn't hard to press or put down at all. The plug is also Gold plated to provide no-loss of audio quality.

The J3MS are very comfortable in your one ear with the different size tips they provide you. They are rubberized tips, single cone but I think they should provide there double tip/flanged tips. The single earbud blocks out the right amount of sound for listening to your caller and/or music. The cable is the perfect length where you can have your phone in your pocket, have the alligator clip attached it it with the mic a little bit lower then your chin. The microphone is small and out of the way and very easy to find along the cable.

JLab provides most, if not all a case with there earbuds, but sadly the J3MS do not. That's one thing I think they should include with the earbud since you always do not want to use the headset and the case would provide a nice place for storage. These also ship with Amazon frustration free packaging, comes in a small cardboard box with the earbud inside in a plastic bag. Defiantly a plus there since there is no plastic crap to cut to get a pair of headphones out.

The sound quality for the price is perfect. When talking on the phone you get high quality sound coming out of the tiny earbud. The microphone is loud enough for any of the test calls I placed with it on the other end and so is the earbud. One thing I was disappointed about was that when the wind was blowing outside anyone on the other end would hear it loud and proud over my voice. Sad that such a nice quality, cheap headset doesn't offer much resistance for wind when talking. Besides that it is a perfect headset for doing everyday talking on.

The J3MS are a great pair of cheap quality headsets other then the ones provided by your cell phone manufacturer. They are comfortable, sound good, and just plain do what there suppose to. They are only $20 and are sold from Amazon or directly from JLab Audio.