SwitchEasy CoverBuddy & NUDE Cases for iPad 2 Review

SwitchEasy is one of my favorite case companies out there. Every single case SwitchEasy puts out is well thought out and polished thoroughly. SwitchEasy's latest slim cases for the iPad 2, the CoverBuddy and the NUDE, offer those who love the iPad 2's slender form factor yet want to get some sort of protection without hurting the beautiful slim esthetics of the iPad 2. Whether you're using an Apple Smart Cover or not, SwitchEasy has got you and your iPad 2 covered. Jump over the break for the full review of both the CoverBuddy and the NUDE cases for the iPad 2!

You may be asking yourself, so what's the difference between the CoverBuddy and the NUDE? Surprisingly not a whole lot. Both cases, or should I say back cover, are identical with one exception. The CoverBuddy has a side cutout that enables it to be Smart Cover compatible. For those who already have a Smart Cover, the CoverBuddy allows you to enjoy the magical functionality of the Smart Cover while having your iPad 2's back fully protection. The NUDE and CoverBuddy are both made out of a hard polycabonate and feels very tough compared to other similarly slim plastic cases. 

SwitchEasy's NUDE case comes in a wide variety of colors, all have a glossy finish. For this review, SwitchEasy has sent over the clear NUDE case and the red CoverBuddy case. The NUDE for the iPad 2 will run you $29.99 and comes with a few goodies like a clear screen protect, 2 stands and port covers. On the other hand, the CoverBuddy will run you a bit less at $24.99, but no goodies are included. It's understandable that the stands would be useless if you're using a Smart Cover, however, a screen protector and port covers would be a nice addition. SwitchEasy broke the trend of including such goodies it seems. 

Let's focus on the CoverBuddy for the iPad 2. It's got a really nice matte finished exterior and interior with a very subtle soft-touch and scratch-resistant, rubber coating that provides a very nice added grip when you hold your iPad 2 in your hands. I enjoy the matte and soft-touch finishes a lot more than glossy finishes. So far the coating held up well in resisting scratches. The CoverBuddy looks and feels well made. Corners and cutouts are all very rounded and precise. When you hold your iPad 2 in your hands covered by the CoverBuddy, there's this great feeling of a comfortable hold. I love how slim the iPad 2 is and because of how slim the CoverBuddy is (exactly 1.8mm in thickness), the iPad 2 remains true to its slim form factor without any bulk added what so ever. 

Every single cutout is precise and allows for easy access to all ports and buttons. The wonderful looking speaker grill these cases have not only looks good but it won't interfere with the audio passing thru. 

CoverBuddy and Smart Cover couldn't find each other a better combination. The two fit extremely well with each other all the way around. You'll be able to fully use your Smart Cover to its fullest while your iPad 2's aluminum is fully protected by the CoverBuddy against scratches and nasty dents. As you would expect, the CoverBuddy is a very slim back snap-on cover that will offer moderate protection thanks to its tough polycarbonate construction. The reason why the CoverBuddy works so well is that it leaves very little exposed areas of the iPad 2. Yes, there's the side opening for the Smart Cover to attach, but chances of that little area ever getting scratches is very slim.

The CoverBuddy for the iPad 2 easily snaps on and off and will not provide any frontal protection. Typical in such cases though.

Finally we get to the SwitchEasy NUDE case for the iPad 2 in its clear nature. Like I said before, the NUDE is exactly the same case as the CoverBuddy but without the Smart Cover compatibility. It's really meant for those who don't use a Smart Cover with their iPad 2 and want a very slim and protective case for their iPad 2. If I had to nitpick, I would love to see SwitchEasy adding matte finishes to the NUDE instead of just offering it in a variety of glossy colors. The clear version has very little signs of the "rainbowing effect" that seems to plague most clear polycarbonate cases. If you love how the iPad 2 looks and feels, the clear NUDE case is the way to go. 

All in all, you should definitely pick up either of these cases by SwitchEasy if you want a solid, quality slim case to protect your iPad 2. Already have a Smart Cover? The CoverBuddy will be your iPad 2's best buddy that's for sure. And if you're not using a Smart Cover with your iPad 2, the NUDE case is just as good.