Just Mobile Encore Aluminum iPad & iPad 2 Stand Review

We've seen and reviewed a boat load of stands for the iPad and iPad 2. Some made from typical plastic materials while others use more expensive metals. This time we're taking a look at Just Mobile's Encore stand for the iPad and iPad 2. The Encore boasts a circular base made out of solid aluminum with a hinged arm that is angle adjustable. I haven't had much experience with adjustable stands so this is a much welcomed feature to have the ability to adjust your viewing angle. We'll find how just how well the Encore performs as an adjustable stand for the iPad and iPad 2 in the full review right after the cut!

One of the many great benefits the Encore has to offer is its compatibility with both the iPad and iPad 2, which can be used with most cases. I don't like stands that require you to take off your case in order to use them. The Encore's flexibility with different sizes is a great start so far. 

The Encore's most notable feature is its adjustable, hinged arm that allows you to position your iPad in both landscape and portrait orientations in different angles. The adjustable rear arm can be angled anywhere between a 90 degree angle to a 40 degree angle that is suitable for typing. The problem that I found with the lowest angle that is meant for typing was that it is still too steep for your hands to comfortably be positioned on top of your iPad's touch screen. Your wrists will start to hurt if you plan to use the Encore stand strictly for typing on your iPad.

Aside from looking ridiculously good on a desk, the Encore stand just works. And let me tell you this, every single angle you throw at this stand is as solid as a brick. No matter the angle you adjust the rear arm in, you'll be able to fully interact with your iPad without it tilting or moving around. It's one solid stand. You would think this thing packs on a whole lot of weight, but the fact really is that it's lighter than an iPhone 4. Just Mobile has designed the Encore with a rock-solid aluminum base and a very sturdy adjustable arm. 

Worried your iPad or iPad 2 could get scratched up with all this aluminum around? The Encore is surrounded with a black rubber inlay that is slightly protrudes above the aluminum base so that your iPad safely rests on top of it without ever contacting the aluminum base.

The bottom of the Encore stand is equally coated with a layer of black rubber for surface traction. Essentially all that comes in contact with your precious iPad and desk is soft, flexible rubber. Even the adjustable hinged arm is coated with a rubber finish so that it will not harm the aluminum back of your iPad. You've got the ability to fold the Encore into itself for a more compact form that you can carry around with you and easily throw it into your gadget bag for travel. Though I wouldn't recommend the Encore as a portable stand for the iPad. Its relatively large surface base will take up much more space than a portable-specific iPad stand like Just Mobile's Slide stand. Nevertheless, I appreciate the Encore's flexibility and great versatility. 

This is the Encore's lowest angle mode. It's incredibly versatile compared to other stands. Every angle you set remains solid in place without budging an inch. 

Overall I really love using the Encore stand. It's extremely versatile and the adjustable viewing angles work flawlessly together with the iPad. The price is high at $60, but considering that this is a very well made and solidly built stand with features that simply work, it's hard to find a better stand than this one. If you're looking for an elegant and very well made stand for your iPad to use at home or at work, look no further. This is a keeper. You can always go with a much more simple and cheaper offering such as the Nest stand if angle adjustment and the good looks of anodized aluminum isn't on your list.