Belkin Grip Graphix for iPod Touch 4G Review

Belkin has a wide range of cases to cover everyone's needs and preferences, and the Grip Graphix is currently the stand alone offering for those interested in cases made of silicon. Silicon cases are easier to put on/remove and generally feel nicer with a grippy texture, but lacks dent protection if dropped, and can move quite easily. With many different silicon cases on the market, is there enough to set the Grip Graphix apart from cheaper offerings? Find out after the jump! 

The Grip Graphix is a two tone case, with softly waving lines running horizontally across the back. There are three colours combos available, mauve/shell pink, black/clear, and aqua/white. The first two are pictured in this review. A discreet 'Belkin' logo is indented in the bottom left corner, which is always a good move because a highly visible logo can often be the major turn off factor for many. Physically, the Grip Graphix looks very similar to the SwitchEasy Colours case for the iPod touch 4G. They both cover right up to the bottom edge of the screen, including the home button. The button is covered over by silicon, and a little indent of the home button shows exactly where it is. It feels surprisingly nice, it certainly isn't a negative. Both the volume rockers and the sleep/wake button are covered too, and they too feel grippy and responsive. The bottom is mostly uncovered to keep access to all ports open, and there's also a generously sized hole for the camera + mic. Unlike some other cases I've tried, the silicon around the camera hole hugs snug to the iPod, preventing too much from dust and other debris from getting behind the case.

The silicon is fairly thick, so I'm not worried about short drops damaging the iPod. Thanks to the silicon covering the home button area, the case grabs firmly at the iPod, so it won't come off as easily as I have experienced with silicon cases only going around the border. It's definitely got a nice grip as the name states, so this is a plus while holding it in the hand, but a negative when placing into tight pockets such as jeans. The only other negative of this case is that it attracts a high amount of dust, and this dust sticks to the case. As you can see in several of the photos, the dust is quite visible. It doesn't bother me, but it may annoy others. The case is tough, however, and after heavy daily use, the case is 'spotless', save for the dust.

Without a SwitchEasy Colours cases with me, it's hard to directly compare, but this case is vey similar in shape and material. The 'jellybean' button on the Colours case would be more appealing as it is a hard button, but the Grip Graphix has an appealing pattern on the back that is interesting but doesn't appear too flashy. If you can overlook the tiny problems, which are mostly caused by the nature of the material, you're looking at a great silicon case. It's available for $24.99USD in the three color combos listed above. At a decent price point, there's no reason you shouldn't be considering it for a silicon case.