ColcaSac Austin Sleeve for MacBook Air 13"

ColcaSac makes gorgeous hand-made natural sleeves made out of organic cotton and non-toxic low-impact coloring dyes. It's about time I've set my hands on one of ColcaSac's products and this time we have the Austin sleeve for the 13" MacBook Air 2010 model. These ColcaSac sleeves aren't your typical buy-anywhere sleeves. ColcaSac sleeves are made for people who truly care about the materials used in creating these one-of-a-kind natural sleeves which I must say feel so natural that from the moment you touch of of these hand-made sleeves, they will instantly feel familiar to you. Don't miss the full review right after the break. 

The Austin sleeve for the 13" MacBook Air is a very solid sleeve overall for the daily use of anyone who seeks protection and then some. While the Austin is only available in one color, an off-white base patterned with a subtle blue ribbons which I just think looks stunning and very different from other sleeves available on the market. Every ColcaSac sleeve has it's own unique fabric and pattern that sets itself apart from the rest. The outside fabric of the Austin sleeve feels semi-soft and rugged. I see this sleeve handling the test of time very well.

Like any other ColcaSac sleeve, the Austin sleeve has a front facing pocket that will store your Mac's power adapter neatly tucked inside. One concern I had with the front facing pocket was that it did not have any type of closure system, yet it seems as though the power adapter never wanted to fall out on its own so that's all very good. My only little drawback I have about this is that carrying your MacBook inside the Austin sleeve will have you thinking about that opening in the front facing pocket. So I wish that ColcaSac would at least add a little velcro tab to make sure things are kept very secured inside. Not a big deal if you plan on just storing your power adapter in there though.

The sleeve opening is secured by one large velcro strip that seems to get the job done and keeps the MacBook tucked securely inside the sleeve. You can see the soft inner lining of the Austin sleeve which is made out of ultra-soft and puffy cotton that not only will it keep your MacBook safe from scratches and scuffs, it will also provide a decent amount of bump protection. I think the most important feature of a sleeve is its inner lining and ColcaSac's sleeves are probably one of the best at getting the job done, naturally. It feels almost feels like a soft pillow. 

Moving right along and getting into the fitting department. So we know the Austin sleeve is a puffy yet pretty slim sleeve, but how well does it exactly fit the 13" MacBook Air? It's a snug fit from top to bottom and keeping in mind that these sleeves are in fact hand-made, I do feel that that this Austin sleeve would have been perfect if it was slightly tighter on my MacBook Air. The fitment is pretty great and you will probably won't notice any difference since these are hand-made. And if you do, ColcaSac should take care of you. 

At $45, both your MacBook and your wallet will thank you for getting a ColcaSac sleeve. It's the right choice for someone who is looking for a natural, high quality protective sleeve.