id America Ice & Dryice Clear & Soft Grip Cases for iPhone 4

I got my hands on id America's new Ice and Dryice cases for the iPhone 4, both of which were born in the big apple. You may wonder why these are called Ice and Dryice, the Ice case is a crystal clear hard polycarbonate two-piece case whereas the Dryice take on a more frosted matte look, just like a cube of dry ice. Whether you're into the crystal clear look that shows off your iPhone 4's true colors thru the hard polycarbonate shell or if a frosted matte finish is more your type of case, id America's Ice and Dryice cases are worth a look. Check out the full review right after the cut where I dig deep into these good looking cases. I had to literally dig. 

Starting off, the Ice and Dryice cases are going to run you each $19.99 and each case comes with a front and back clear film protectors. A nice addition for the already affordable price. The Ice and Dryice cases are a two-piece design that snaps over the iPhone 4 very tightly and provide a snug fit. It's an easy process to get one of these cases on the iPhone 4, however you will most likely encounter a different outcome when wanting to remove one of these cases off of your iPhone 4. I'll get into that later on.

The fit and finish on these cases is superb. Obviously both cases are finished off differently, the Ice case has a crystal clear which is suitable for those who hate to cover up their iPhone 4 yet still want it to be fully protected. The Dryice case is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite hard cases for the iPhone 4. I simply love the frosted matte finish the Dryice offers, but not only does it look fantastic with both the white and black iPhone 4, its got a rubbery soft-touch coating that feels so silky and adds a whole lot of grip when holding the iPhone 4 in the hand. 

Both the Ice and Dryice cases offers an impressive amount of front screen protection thanks to the great rounded edging that protects the screen and provides a good amount of lay-on-the-table design. I think id America has done a great job with these cases in designing them just right so they provide a good amount of protection against scratches, light drops and bumps while still keeping a fairly slim profile. 

The port and button cutouts of these cases are one of the best I've seen and allow for an easy access to every single button while even most 3rd party cables will have no trouble fitting. The back camera cutout is outlined with a black color so you will have no issues using the camera and LED flash. 

Unfortunately, the Ice and Dryice cases aren't all perfect. The Ice case has a bad case of rainbowing effect in it's clear plastic. This however only occurs in direct sunlight and at an angle. So it's not all that bad, but still worth noting. The rainbow effect isn't even noticeable indoors. Another issue I've experienced while using the Ice and Dryice cases was that watermarking will occur while using a back film protector on the iPhone 4. This is much more noticeable if you're using a black iPhone 4. 

One last drawback with the Ice and Dryice cases for the iPhone 4 would be how difficult it is to remove. I had a very hard time removing the Ice case off of my iPhone 4 the first time and it was nearly impossible to do so using only my fingers. I ended up using a coin to twist off the two parts apart in order to free my iPhone 4. Later though, I found that it was easy to remove by sliding a fingernail in between the two parts of the case starting from the speaker cutout and the case will just pop open pretty easily. This could just be a case of individual cases, however others have noted the same issues and success of the fingernail trick. Nevertheless, it's not an easy removal process like any other case. 

If I were to recommend either of these cases, I would have to go in favor of the Dryice case. The Dryice has less issues and just looks stunning on the white iPhone 4. The soft-touch matte coating comes in handy for those who need grip while will result in less of a chance of dropping their iPhone 4 on the ground. For $19.99, the Dryice case is a solid choice considering all the above.
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