Dacha Works MOD 4 iPhone 4 Case Review

If you've got an iPhone 4, you already know very well of how capable your iPhone 4 is when it comes time to take pictures on a sunny day. The MOD 4 case for the iPhone 4 by Dacha Works is a simple back snap-on case with a vintage camera-style appearance. Dacha Works' first case for the iPhone 3G/S was all about the ergonomics and hand grip, but it turned out to be a disappointment once I got my hands on it. So now the MOD 4 case is here and it promises all the grip you could ever possibly want while taking those perfect shots. Hopefully Dacha Works ironed out all the kinks, and finally put a case worthy of the iPhone 4 out on the market. If you dig those vintage view finder camera like the Leica, you may want to stick around for the full review right after the jump!

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MonCarbone Magnet Force & Portfolio iPhone 4 & iPad Carbon Fiber Cases

Our friends over at monCarbone have hooked us up with their newly released real carbon fiber cases for the iPhone 4 and iPad. The Magnet Force is monCarbone's updated version of the HoverCoat case for the iPhone 4 which we reviewed last year and it rocked my socks off. This time, the Magnet Force is what its name suggests, a magnetic carbon fiber case. monCarbone's Portfolio case for the iPad also bares a very similar form factor of the HoverCoat case for the iPad which we also reviewed last year, and it too got a spec bump. I've had some gripes about the glossy finishes on the HoverCoat cases and I hoped monCarbone fixed that issue when they release new cases. Check out the full review after the break to find out if monCarbone fixed all the kinks.

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SGP Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 Review

The SGP Ultra Thin is one of the better cases on the market which are currently available for the iPhone 4. In the package you have so much included for the money you are paying. First off all, you get the case of course. You have a Steinheil LCD film protector, a nice little microfiber cloth, a logo protection film because of the cutout on the back of the case which shows off the Apple logo and 10 pieces of LED Flash diffused reflection protector which should solve the flash issue, that is if you have any issues which is very unlikely.

It's a snap on back cover for your iPhone 4 but you will say, " Hey I've seen a similar case like this. Why is this one unique?!? " Well, first of all I haven't seen a case which is better fitting, I mean it fits perfectly. The cutouts, the form-factor and the overall feel of the case will remind you of the iPhone 4's original design. 
One of the reasons I love this case is that it doesn't scratch easily but it's a fingerprint magnet. Also if you go for the black version, I think it will show the fingerprints more as well as the dust specks. It adds a little bit of grip but it doesn't add bulk to the phone so you can enjoy it's original design. More of the review after the break.

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SGP Ultra Thin for iPhone 4