Padlette Silicone Grip Handle for iPad 2

Padlette for the iPad was a big favorite of mine when I reviewed it a while back. Now comes the iPad 2 with a thinner and lighter construction and it's in need of a Padlette. If you're not already familiar with the Padlette, it's a silicone grip handle that stretches over the back of the iPad and opens up a lot of grippy possibilities. The Padlette for the iPad 2 is just as fun so check out the full review of this grip buddy right after the break.

So what has changed since the last Padlette for the first generation iPad? Nothing. The original Padlette stayed the same yet remained fully compatible with the iPad 2. Because the Padlette is made out of flexible silicone, it stretches over the iPad and eventually custom fits itself. The Padlette is even compatible with the Smart Cover, just flip your Smart Cover back and slip on the Padlette. It's that simple.One of the big issues I had with Apple's Smart Cover was that the interior microfiber lining would easily pick up dust and small particles so having the Padlette around it helps eliminate that while the Smart Cover remains attached to the iPad 2.

While you can certainly fully use the great functionalities of the Padlette in conjunction with the Smart Cover, I would just remove the Smart Cover when using the Padlette because you cannot have the two together on the iPad 2 and have the Smart Cover work as it should by laying on top of the iPad 2's screen. The Padlette does its job to free your hand to make it much more comfortable to play games such as Angry Birds. I found myself not having to worry about dropping my iPad when I used the Padlette and it took off quite a bit of load off my fingers while I held the iPad by its bezel. The Padlette lets you slip you hand behind your iPad in a way that your hand support your iPad and not your fingers. It's much more comfortable this way.

There are various ways you can hold your iPad with the Padllette and you can find the best comfortable way that best fits you. The Padlette is so secure you can literally turn your iPad face down with one hand while it's attached. I found this grip to be the best for the portrait angle. You can also rearrange your grip on the Padlette for a landscape angle.

The Padlette worked great with the first generation iPad but I think it works even better with the iPad 2 just because it feels much more natural to hold. The Padlette is simply a grip buddy for your iPad and iPad 2. 

Just like the first generation iPad, the Padlette for the iPad 2 does cover a tiny bit of the back speaker but it's nothing that you will notice sound wise. Other than that the Padlette adds a little back and front protection to your iPad 2 because of its silicone wrapping around it. You can even lay it flat when you're not using your iPad 2. 

I'm loving the Padlette. It works as advertised and it truly is a grip buddy for the iPad. You can pick one up in 7 different colors for $19.99.

Nir Schneider