Angry Birds Rio Review

Angry Birds. Should I say more? We all know and love this game whether you use an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android device or even a Mac. Smashing pigs with birds is so satisfying. Angry Birds Rio is a whole new game and it's not just new levels with added makeup like past Angry Birds editions, this time Rovio teamed up with the guys behind the new animated movie Rio, and came up with a whole new gameplay for the very successful Angry birds franchise. Angry Birds Rio is a fresh new game and you're going to love it. Catch the full review right after the break.

So what's new in Angry Birds Rio? Quite a lot actually. The familiar style of gameplay stays the same but the whole game is redesigned with beautiful graphics and levels. Things got much easier in Angry Birds Rio it seems and little kids will enjoy this much more than the hard to smash pigs. The new method is just as simple as smashing pigs and now you are trying to free encaged birds. Freeing the birds from inside their cages is much easier than it was to smash a pig. The slightest touch of an Angry Bird will break the cage and even the hardest levels are pretty easy to get thru in a first try.

There are 60 levels of fun to get you started with more updates planned in the future. Since Angry Birds Rio is easier to master than the traditional Angry Birds we're all familiar with, those 60 levels will fly by in no time. $.99 will get you the iPhone and iPod Touch app and $2.99 will get you the iPad app while the Mac app will run you $4.99. I highly recommend playing Angry Birds Rio on a larger screen like the iPad for the full experience. 

The levels are just as interesting this time and of course they get a little more challenging each time. The game takes place in a warehouse in the first episode while the second episode brings a whole new type of gameplay and leaving behind the colorful birds, most likely having to do with the Rio movie.

We now have Angry Monkeys! The second episode of levels are full of monkeys and only monkeys. The monkeys are a little harder to smash than freeing birds but still not as hard as smashing pigs. The monkeys have a few advantage over the encaged birds where they can hang off of things which make it harder for you to reach them with your Angry Bird. The monkeys will also try to grab a hold of where they set foot so toppling structures will not necessarily smash them so easily.

Overall Angry Birds Rio is loads of fun and very though out. I experienced no bugs throughout my gameplay so big props to Rovio for such a smooth release. All 60 levels are done and I'm left hungry for more. Rovio planned out a few more game updates with new levels in the coming months just like any Angry Birds edition. It will be exciting to see the Rio movie when it comes out on April 8 to further understand the Angry Birds Rio game a little better. Highly recommended for all ages. You can try out Angry Birds Rio for free.

Nir Schneider