Jays a-Jays One+ Plus In-Ear Headphones Review

If you own an iPhone (or any smartphone, really), chances are you use it to some degree to listen to music, whether that be your music stored on the device, or through apps like Pandora, Rdio, etc. And those of us who listen to a lot of music generally like it to sound as good as possible. The problem with that is that most people never upgrade their earphones/headphones past the freebies that are included with their device. Well, to give music lovers an entry level upgrade option, Jays recently introduced their new a-Jays One+ earphones. How do they perform? Our friends over at MobileFun sent us a pair to take a look at. Jump past the break to find out more!

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Jawbone Up Review

What if we told you that you can track the way you sleep, what you eat and how it makes you feel, exactly how much calories you've burned off and how many steps you took to do so. The Up by Jawbone isn't another Bluetooth headset or speaker, it's a fitness band you'll want to wear regardless if you're into looking after your health or not. Jawbone's Up is a well lubricated system that can track your sleep, activity and eating habits with the help of software and hardware.

Fitness tracking gadgets never looked this good and that's a fact. Jawbone knows how to make the little things stand out and sound great, but will the Up band turn out to be the best $100 you'll be spending? Questions will be answered, sweat will likely not be sweated but the review is after the jump!

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Angry Birds Rio Review

Angry Birds. Should I say more? We all know and love this game whether you use an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android device or even a Mac. Smashing pigs with birds is so satisfying. Angry Birds Rio is a whole new game and it's not just new levels with added makeup like past Angry Birds editions, this time Rovio teamed up with the guys behind the new animated movie Rio, and came up with a whole new gameplay for the very successul Angry birds franchise. Angry Birds Rio is a fresh new game and you're going to love it. Catch the full review right after the break.

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