Cookoo Smart Bluetooth Watch Review

The Cookoo is a $130 watch that we've heard about not long ago when it made it's way onto the crowdfunding platform they call Kickstarter. Made by a brand called ConnecteDevice which is secretly developed by Bluetrek, a company that specializes in making Bluetooth headsets such as the ultra-sleek carbon fiber-made Carbon headset, the Cookoo is a smart Bluetooth connected wristwatch plainly cloaked under a minimalist analog watch face.

If you didn't get the memo yet, telling time isn't the main focus of this watch. Think of it as an extension of your smartphone that's worn on your wrist. The Cookoo is an iOS and Android app driven watch that pulls various notifications and alerts from your smartphone or tablet ensuring that you'll never miss an important call or notification; by displaying them on your wrist using visual, audible and sensory alerts. How does it compare against the other smart watches including the Pebble and the G-Shock DB-6900? Join us after the break as we go wrist-on with the Cookoo.

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Mutewatch Multi-Touch Watch Review

The Mutewatch is undeniably one of the most amazing watches a geek can ever wish for. It's quite literally the evolution of time keeping. The Swedish company behind the Mutewatch has created a watch that is so innovative and intricate on features yet has an inconspicuous design that is ahead of its time. The Mutewatch is a touch sensitive digital watch with an LED display that seamlessly blends good design with smartphone-inspired functionality. We go wrist on in our full, comprehensive review after the jump! You're not going to won't to miss it.

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Jawbone Up Review

What if we told you that you can track the way you sleep, what you eat and how it makes you feel, exactly how much calories you've burned off and how many steps you took to do so. The Up by Jawbone isn't another Bluetooth headset or speaker, it's a fitness band you'll want to wear regardless if you're into looking after your health or not. Jawbone's Up is a well lubricated system that can track your sleep, activity and eating habits with the help of software and hardware.

Fitness tracking gadgets never looked this good and that's a fact. Jawbone knows how to make the little things stand out and sound great, but will the Up band turn out to be the best $100 you'll be spending? Questions will be answered, sweat will likely not be sweated but the review is after the jump!

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Stem iZON Remote Room Monitor Review

Don't you just wish you could see and hear what's going on inside your home while you're away using your iPhone or iPad? Well it just so happens that Stem has come up with the iZON that will let you do just that plus more. The iZON is a remote room monitor, or wireless security video camera in more simple terms that will let you tap into a wireless video feed from anywhere in the world using your iOS device to check up on what's most valuable to you at any time whether you're connected to a WiFi or cellular network. Unlike expensive bulky home monitoring services and equipment on the market, the iZON offers an extremely affordable solution that combines multiple monitoring features into one user friendly, app driven remote room monitor. 

Of course that all means we've got to put the iZON to the test. Is it the must have gadget you should get? Find out after the break!

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PhoneSuit Primo Power Core Battery Pack Review

What do you do when you're out of power? Plug into the wall of course. But that isn't an option if you're out and about. Sure you can slip on a battery case like the PhoneSuit Elite or the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, but what if you carry other gadgets with you? That's where PhoneSuit's Primo Power Core comes into play. It's a portable power plant that can fit quite uncomfortably inside your pocket waiting to serve you with its massive 8200mAh of pure battery pack juice not from concentrate. We've never reviewed such mighty power before, so this is going to be interesting for all of us.

Phones, tablets, iPods, wireless headphones - you name it, this is a portable battery pack you're not going to want to miss. So check out the full review right after the jump! 

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Minox Classic Mini Digital Camera Review

Those of you who aren't familiar with Minox, it's a German company that specialises in making small classic replica cameras ranging from little spy camera gadgets to retro looking miniature digital cameras. The Classic Mini Digital Camera, or DCC 5.1 for short, is Minox's latest and greatest mini digital camera. Minox even goes as far as describing it as "a small masterpiece with huge performance". Well, we're going to be the judge of that. Photography junkies are bound to fall in love with such a pretty little retro camera such as this one. Photojojo was gracious enough to supply this tiny retro masterpiece-looking digital camera for review so jump past the break for the full breakdown!

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