Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit is a long-time and sought-after player in the world of tiny, inconspicuous fitness tracking gadgets that help people who want to stay fit and healthy keep track of their daily progress and achievements met by setting certain goals. Up until now, Fitbit was known for its clothing clip-on monitors, but with companies like Jawbone around innovating the way we were these fitness monitors, it isn't a secrete Fitbit wanted a piece of Jawbone's Up pie which in a way managed to steal Fitbit's thunder for a while. Fitbit's new Flex is a iOS and Android-compatible wireless fitness wristband tracker, an Up rival with a favorable interchangeable design. This is a first for Fitbit, so naturally we thought it would only be fair to put it up against the Up in a dog fight. Should you grab a Flex, an Up or Fitbit's One clip-on tracker? We answer it all in our in-depth review down below!

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Fitbit One Review

The Fitbit One is the latest fully featured wireless fitness tracking device to make a splash in today's smart gadget market, and it's finally here to replace Fitbit's longstanding Ultra wireless fitness tracker with an all-new rain and sweat-resistant design featuring a devious sleep tracking and silent alarm capabilities, along with the usual pedometer features like keeping track of steps, calories burned, distance and the number of stairs you've climbed throughout your day. It sure looks the part from up here, but the real question is how well can it count when put thru the ultimate test? Catch out full, in-depth review of the One after the cut!

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Jawbone Up Review

What if we told you that you can track the way you sleep, what you eat and how it makes you feel, exactly how much calories you've burned off and how many steps you took to do so. The Up by Jawbone isn't another Bluetooth headset or speaker, it's a fitness band you'll want to wear regardless if you're into looking after your health or not. Jawbone's Up is a well lubricated system that can track your sleep, activity and eating habits with the help of software and hardware.

Fitness tracking gadgets never looked this good and that's a fact. Jawbone knows how to make the little things stand out and sound great, but will the Up band turn out to be the best $100 you'll be spending? Questions will be answered, sweat will likely not be sweated but the review is after the jump!

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