Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit is a long-time and sought-after player in the world of tiny, inconspicuous fitness tracking gadgets that help people who want to stay fit and healthy keep track of their daily progress and achievements met by setting certain goals. Up until now, Fitbit was known for its clothing clip-on monitors, but with companies like Jawbone around innovating the way we were these fitness monitors, it isn't a secrete Fitbit wanted a piece of Jawbone's Up pie which in a way managed to steal Fitbit's thunder for a while. Fitbit's new Flex is a iOS and Android-compatible wireless fitness wristband tracker, an Up rival with a favorable interchangeable design. This is a first for Fitbit, so naturally we thought it would only be fair to put it up against the Up in a dog fight. Should you grab a Flex, an Up or Fitbit's One clip-on tracker? We answer it all in our in-depth review down below!

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