Dropcam HD Review

Securing your home with video surveillance cameras used to be extremely costly and complicated process that often times required a third party installation service. Thankfully that's all a thing of the past. Technology has evolved, and you can now easily set up a simple yet sophisticated home security surveillance that doesn't have murky, low resolution image quality. The last time we took a look at such a home monitoring device was the iZON by Stem, and while it had promising potential to be great, we weren't overly impressed by the performance the iZON set on the table.

This time we're going to take a look at a newer contender that touts HD video quality, night vision capability and 24/7 cloud DVR recording. The $149 Dropcam HD is the app-driven, wireless home video monitoring camera we've been waiting for. But there is one catch that tags along with the Dropcam's enticing price. Our full, thorough review awaits you down below!

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Stem iZON Remote Room Monitor Review

Don't you just wish you could see and hear what's going on inside your home while you're away using your iPhone or iPad? Well it just so happens that Stem has come up with the iZON that will let you do just that plus more. The iZON is a remote room monitor, or wireless security video camera in more simple terms that will let you tap into a wireless video feed from anywhere in the world using your iOS device to check up on what's most valuable to you at any time whether you're connected to a WiFi or cellular network. Unlike expensive bulky home monitoring services and equipment on the market, the iZON offers an extremely affordable solution that combines multiple monitoring features into one user friendly, app driven remote room monitor. 

Of course that all means we've got to put the iZON to the test. Is it the must have gadget you should get? Find out after the break!

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