PhoneSuit Primo Power Core Battery Pack Review

What do you do when you're out of power? Plug into the wall of course. But that isn't an option if you're out and about. Sure you can slip on a battery case like the PhoneSuit Elite or the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, but what if you carry other gadgets with you? That's where PhoneSuit's Primo Power Core comes into play. It's a portable power plant that can fit quite uncomfortably inside your pocket waiting to serve you with its massive 8200mAh of pure battery pack juice not from concentrate. We've never reviewed such mighty power before, so this is going to be interesting for all of us.

Phones, tablets, iPods, wireless headphones - you name it, this is a portable battery pack you're not going to want to miss. So check out the full review right after the jump! 

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Mobee Magic Charger for Magic Mouse Review

The Magic Mouse loves to munch away on batteries, whether you're using regular or rechargeable batteries, the Magic Mouse is always hungry for power. Don't you wish you had something similar to Powermat's wireless charging solutions to ease your life? Mobee did just that with their Magic Charger exclusively made for Apple's Magic Mouse. Catch the full review right after the break.

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Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is one of the more notable battery cases out there since the iPhone 3G/S. Mophie's Juice Pack Air battery cases have made a big impression on the iPhone user community over the years and now the Juice Pack Air comes to the iPhone 4 looking better than ever. I've had the chance to test out a few battery cases for the iPhone 4 in the past and some were great while other needed more work. So today, the Mophie Juice Pack Air has officially won me over as the best battery case yet. Catch the full review after the break!

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