Mobee Magic Charger for Magic Mouse Review

The Magic Mouse loves to munch away on batteries, whether you're using regular or rechargeable batteries, the Magic Mouse is always hungry for power. Don't you wish you had something similar to Powermat's wireless charging solutions to ease your life? Mobee did just that with their Magic Charger exclusively made for Apple's Magic Mouse. Catch the full review right after the break.

The Mobee Magic Charger comes in an easy to open packaging and is made out of two parts. The charging mat and the rechargeable battery compartment that replaces your Magic Mouse's battery cover all together. All you need to do is take out any batteries you might have inside your Magic Mouse and insert the Mobee battery pack. From now on you never need to open the battery lid to change batteries.

Mobee did a fantastic job making sure their battery pack will closely resemble the Magic Mouse's original battery cover and it's even made out of aluminum. The charging base station however is made entirely out of plastic though it still manages to look the part and it fits very well with the sleek design of the Magic Mouse. The charging station or mat if you would like to call it, has a very slim form factor so it barely takes up any of your work space and it also has rubber feet at the bottom.

I could barely tell the difference when the Mobee battery pack is installed. When the Mobee battery pack is installed, you're ready to start using your Magic Mouse as if nothing had changed. I suggest you keep your original battery cover somewhere safe just in case.

The Magic Charger works exactly like a Powermat and uses inductive charging to wirelessly charge your Magic Mouse. The whole process of charging the Magic Mouse using the Magic Charger is flawless and works every single time by simply placing your Magic Mouse on top of the Magic Charger base station and charging begins immediately followed by a green blinking LED light to indicate your Magic Mouse is charging. It takes about five hours for a complete charge and you can even charge while your Mac is in sleep mode. The Magic Charger uses a USB cable to power on and charge your Magic Mouse so you will need to always use up one USB port or plug the Magic Charger to the wall using your own USB A/C power adapter. I tested both methods and it worked great. 

If you're using a Magic Mouse, the Magic Charger will greatly benefit you in your everyday life. The only con to the Magic Charger is that is does not come with an optional USB wall power adapter. Other than that is works just as described. Price $49.90.