Urbanears Plattan Headphones Review

Could there be any other headphones more hip than these Urbanears Plattan headphones? I didn't think so. The Urbanears Plattan headphones come in a slew of single tone colors and a simplistic design. Urbanears made sure to make your favorite colored headphones and have more than 15 colors for you to choose from. Having your favorite colored headphones is one thing but listening to your music should be more important. We know these headphones look good depending on your favorite color but will they satisfy your ear buds? Catch the full review after the break. 

The Plattan headphones are the perfect pair of portable headphones to carry around with you. They easily fold up and the ear cups don't cover your entire ears meaning the the Plattan headphones have an on-ear design so the ear cups themselves are compact. This is where I found that the Plattan get uncomfortable when wearing them for more than an hour. They just clamp down too hard and put a lot of pressure on your ears. I don't even consider myself to be sensitive to these sort of things and it might not even take an hour for your ears to start hurting. It's not a pleasant experience when your headphones start to get uncomfortable quickly, especially when you use your headphones for long periods of time.

I'll save you your time right now, if you're overly sensitive, I suggest you look elsewhere for headphones.

The build quality of the Plattan headphones is really great and they feel to be very durable. The ear cups have a soft-touch matte coating. Both the headband and the cable are made out of fabric. Overall the Plattan headphones feel like they can take a beating overtime even from those who don't particularly take care of their stuff. I do really love the simple and clean look of the Plattan headphones, it's a fresh change from other headphones.

The Plattan headphones have what Urbanears calls a Zound Plug that let's your friend hook up to your right ear cup and listen with you to what you're listening to. There is also a mic and remote built into the cable with just a single button to control your music and calls. It takes some time to get used to how many clicks you will need in order to complete carious tasks but it all works very well. The mic had a decent quality and it's a nice feature to have.

The Urbanears Plattan headphones sound good for their price and do a good job delivering an overall clear and non-muddy sound. The only music genre I believed these cannot handle very well is rock music. The Plattan cannot handle rock music very well because they are not detailed enough and it's hard to distinguish between instruments. I wouldn't recommend these if you're listening to a lot of rock music. I found the Plattan to perform best when listening to hip-hop, rap, dance and similar music genres at the Plattan have a very good bass performance. While the bass is somewhat thumpy, it needs to be more tighter. The highs are clear and very detailed though the mids are not as detailed.  For $60, the Plattan deliver a good sound, however do not perform well in every music genre. Price $60.


Nir Schneider