Mophie Juice Pack Plus iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

When it comes down to raw battery power, the iPhone 4 does a good job at keeping you in the zone but it really doesn't cut it when you constantly use your iPhone 4 all day and that's when you need to call in some reinforcements. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus battery case for the iPhone 4 packs a juicy 2000mAh battery inside that's bound to get you thru your long and exciting day. Read on for the full review and a comparison between the Juice Pack Plus and the Juice Pack Air after the break. 

The Juice Pack Plus will run you $99.95 compared to the $79.95 Juice Pack Air. Both priced at a relatively high price and when you compare the two Mophie battery cases to those on the market, you're going to get the most out of your money by choosing the Mophie route. The Juice Pack Plus pictured above to the left is slightly thicker than the Juice Pack Air pictured to the right. The Juice Pack Plus has only two key advantages over it's slimmer brother, the Juice Pack Air and that is a shock absorbing band and of course a bigger battery capacity. Other than those two added features, the two cases work the same. 

While the Juice Pack Air does a great job at fitting nicely together with the iPhone 4's looks, the Juice Pack Plus offers more power and protection. You're going to get more shock protection using the Juice Pack Plus because of it's rubber band where as the Juice Pack Air has a silver plastic band. Another minor advantage the Juice Pack Plus has over the Air is integrated power and volume buttons just like the ones found on Apple's Bumper case. These works extremely well and offer a nice tactile feedback when pressed. I really love all the added features that the Juice Pack Plus has to offer. 

Using the Juice Pack Plus doubled my iPhone 4's battery life and it didn't stop there, it gave me an extra 10% of battery life. I was able to go thru a full day of fully using the iPhone 4 and still had battery life to spare the next day. It's incredible. The juice Pack Air was able to charge my iPhone 4 to about 80%. 

The juice Pack Plus has the same slider style design as the Juice Pack Air so your iPhone 4 easily slides in and out. The two parts of the case come together very well and remain secure. You can control when you want to charge your iPhone 4 with the on/off switch and check the remaining battery power on the Juice Pack Plus by pressing the battery indicator button at the bottom.

Why should you choose the Juice Pack Plus over the Air? If you need all the extra power you can get, the Juice Pack Plus is the right choice for you without a doubt. Mophie did an amazing job at designing these battery cases. While these are bulky, you can still easily use these cases in your everyday life because they remain so comfortable to hold with their contour edges and smooth soft-touch coating that also provides you with a great deal of grip. You cannot go wrong with either of these battery cases. The juice Pack Plus is available in four colors. Price $99.95.