Incase Reflex On-Ear Headphones Review

Incase recently released a full line of audio gear to go along with its ever growing collection of protective cases and bags. Not having any audio background, we didn't think much of the new headphone offerings until we got to try out Incase's flagship headphones, the Sonic. It was love at first listen with great sound quality and possibly the most comfortable over-ear headphones we've ever reviewed. It only seems fitting that we should reviewed Incase's Reflex on-ear headphones, the next in line to the much more expensive Sonic headphones. The Reflex promise custom tuned drivers that deliver clear, natural sound across the audio spectrum and surprisingly enough, they've got the same 40mm diaphram drivers as the ones found inside the Sonic headphones.

Incase isn't the first brand you would think about when wanting to get a new pair of headphones. That's about to change. More on the Reflex headphones right after the break!

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Mophie Juice Pack Plus iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

When it comes down to raw battery power, the iPhone 4 does a good job at keeping you in the zone but it really doesn't cut it when you constantly use your iPhone 4 all day and that's when you need to call in some reinforcements. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus battery case for the iPhone 4 packs a juicy 2000mAh battery inside that's bound to get you thru your long and exciting day. Read on for the full review and a comparison between the Juice Pack Plus and the Juice Pack Air after the break.

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Review & Comparison: Case-Mate Hula & Apple Bumper Case for iPhone 4

Case-mate has released tons of great cases and I have used quite a few of their products in the past. The Hula case is one of them. The Hula case is a bumper style case which is definitely influenced by the Apple Bumper case. Even though it is much like the bumper case, it has it own uniquenesses. Some of those are the cutouts, clear body, rubber quality, and the button covers. The case features a clear body all the way around the case, unlike the bumper case which is not. Also, some of the cut outs are different as well. The headphones cut out has more space then the bumper case, and the vibrate switch has a larger cut out. I feel like you will have more different types of headphones fit into the iPhone 4 with the Hula case on. Also, the vibrate switch is easier to access then the bumper case. Now the rubber material is definitely different as well. Apple Bumper case rubber feels a lot smoother and better.

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