Sol Republic Tracks On-Ear Headphones Review

Sol Republic has stirred up quite a lot of press when the brand announced itself for the first time earlier this year. One of the founders of Sol Republic just so happens to be the son of Monster Cable's founder so we naturally have high expectations out of this new born audio brand which if we think is true, should surpass the ever growingly popular Beats By Dr. Dre line of stylish yet pricy headphones with affordably better sounding offerings. But Sol Republic didn't just make better sounding headphones, they've made sure they would sound great as well. Today, we're going to take the Tracks on-ear headphones for spin and let you know if these should be a reason to hand over your hard earned cash right after the break!

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JAYS c-Jays Headphones Review

JAYS is in no need of any introduction. We simply love them and everyone else seems to agree that JAYS are one of the top hitters when it comes down to extremely great sounding, affordable headphones. We've had the chance to review quite a few of JAYS' offerings and gave each and everyone very high marks and even our Editors' Choice award. This time we've got our hands on the c-Jays headphones, a very unique pair to say the least. These are portable, foldable and customizable headphones that will make audiophiles pay attention to what they have to offer. The c-Jays might look harmless, but deep inside you might find weapons of mass destruction hidden underneath that naive looking exterior. More after the break!

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Incase Reflex On-Ear Headphones Review

Incase recently released a full line of audio gear to go along with its ever growing collection of protective cases and bags. Not having any audio background, we didn't think much of the new headphone offerings until we got to try out Incase's flagship headphones, the Sonic. It was love at first listen with great sound quality and possibly the most comfortable over-ear headphones we've ever reviewed. It only seems fitting that we should reviewed Incase's Reflex on-ear headphones, the next in line to the much more expensive Sonic headphones. The Reflex promise custom tuned drivers that deliver clear, natural sound across the audio spectrum and surprisingly enough, they've got the same 40mm diaphram drivers as the ones found inside the Sonic headphones.

Incase isn't the first brand you would think about when wanting to get a new pair of headphones. That's about to change. More on the Reflex headphones right after the break!

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BlueAnt Embrace Headphones Review

BlueAnt is one of my favorite Bluetooth headset manufacturers, and when I heard BlueAnt introduced a brand new pair of headphones I was really pumped to give them a try. BlueAnt's Embrace headphones aren't Bluetooth enabled, nor are they wireless. Until now BlueAnt has revolved solely based on Bluetooth connectivity with its outstanding headsets, but for odd reasons they decided to release their first ever headphones with a traditional wired connection. Whatever the case may be, I support that decision more than anything. Bluetooth headphones aren't quite ready to give us the same experience wired headphones can.

BlueAnt's Embrace headphones may be their first splurge into the headphone market, but at least we know they've got some kind of audio background nonetheless. How well do they stack up against a plethora of headphones currently invading the audio market? Prepare to brace yourselves, find out in the full review right after the cut!

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Philips O'Neill The Stretch Headphones Review

What you are looking at right now is Philips and O'Niell's collaboration to make the most durable headphones yet. You might be thinking this pair of headphones look a bit strange with their dual headbands but it turns out that these pair of headphones are the most comfortable I have ever tested. The Stretch due in fact have a strecthable headband which flawlessly form fits to the size of your head, it almost feels like you're putting on a futuristic pair of headphones on your head. I could not say enough about how flawlessly the stretchable headband works -- it just works perfectly. The moment you put on The Stretch headphones on your head you will how comfortable they are, and they don't even put any stress or tension on your ears and head. This unique stretchable headband does not require any clicking or measurements allowing you to quickly enjoy your music.

Another plus about The Stretch headphones is that they are closed-air meaning they block outside sounds and noises, and they work very well on that part to isolate you with your music without any batteries or fancy noise-cancelling add-ons. The Stretch actually block more outside noises than the popular Beats By Dr. Dre Studios. With The Stretch you get a tangle-free nylon cable that has a break-away detachable design in case you forget you have your headphones on and move away from your audio source. While this is a tangle-free cable, it does tend to curl up a bit but quickly straightens up.

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Grado SR60i Headphones

The SR60i by Grado headphones are most known for their retro or old school look but also for their extreme high sound quality, nothing for this price sound any better. The SR60i have a very rich and natural sound with great detailed bass, clear highs and full soundstage . The SR60i are open air meaning they do not isolate any outside noise, they are very comfortable with the sponge like ear pads that are also replaceable but will last you a very long time. The hand band is not made out of leather and the adjustable hight is done by sliding the cups up and down without any clicks like many other headphones. The build quality is very solid, the cups are made out of plastic but do not feel “cheap”. The cable is nice and thick for durability and comes with a screw-on 6.3mm adapter. The SR60i are one of the best selling models from Grado and are made in the U.S.A. They are truly audiophile grade headphones, but you might want to stay at home while using them if you mind the retro design style. Price $79.99. Can be found for less.

Nir Schneider