BlueAnt Embrace Headphones Review

BlueAnt is one of my favorite Bluetooth headset manufacturers, and when I heard BlueAnt introduced a brand new pair of headphones I was really pumped to give them a try. BlueAnt's Embrace headphones aren't Bluetooth enabled, nor are they wireless. Until now BlueAnt has revolved solely based on Bluetooth connectivity with its outstanding headsets, but for odd reasons they decided to release their first ever headphones with a traditional wired connection. Whatever the case may be, I support that decision more than anything. Bluetooth headphones aren't quite ready to give us the same experience wired headphones can.

BlueAnt's Embrace headphones may be their first splurge into the headphone market, but at least we know they've got some kind of audio background nonetheless. How well do they stack up against a plethora of headphones currently invading the audio market? Prepare to brace yourselves, find out in the full review right after the cut!

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Aiaiai Swirl Earphones w/Mic Review

Aiaiai is a Danish headphones and earphones brand that creates creative and minimalistic products not only hipsters, but everyone can enjoy. The Aiaiai Swirl are in-ear earphones with the most simplistic design I have ever encountered when it comes to earphones. The Urbanears Plattan headphones come to mind when I think about minimalistic design. Besides the clean looks, the Swirl was built to last with the most durable materials made to withstand your heavy everyday music routine. I always appreciate it when portable accessories are developed with thought and a lot of attention to detail. The big questions is though, can the Swirl deliver a solid package? This and much more in the full review right after the cut!

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Denon AH-C 560R In-Ear Earphones Review

Denon is one of the world's leading companies in the audio industry with one of the most expensive and highly regarded headphones on the market. I'm not stranger to the Denon quality of headphones, but I am a newcomer when it comes to in-ears. Denon's portable line didn't really impress me all the much when I reviewed the Denon AH-D510R over-ear headphones. This time I've got my paws all over Denon's mobile in-ear offering, the AH-C 560R. These are going to run you exactly the same as the AH-D510R headphones at $99.99. While both have the same price, the two are worlds apart. Don't miss out the full review right after the break.

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NOX Audio Specialist Gaming Headset

There are so many gaming headsets out there to choose from but most of them are not very portable and compact. The NOX Audio Specialist is one of those ultra portable, foldable and compact gaming headsets around for under $100. What's so special about these particular set are the unique features that NOX has to offer. Are the Audio Specialist the gaming headset you should buy? Check out the full review right after the break to find out.

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Denon AH-D510R Headphones + Remote Mic

The Denon AH-D510R are over-ear closed headphones with a 3-button remote and mic made to be used with iPhone, iPod and iPad. The D510R are priced at $99.99 and are one of Denon's affordable headphone offerings. It's no surprise that Denon specialize in audio products so my hopes were high for the D510R and that they would without a doubt sound great. Right out of the box? Not so good. I've spent some good quality time with the D510R before giving my final thoughts about them in this review. Catch the full review right after the break.

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Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs w/Mic & Button Control

Audio for Rockford Fosgate isn't something new, they are the pros of audio sound systems mainly for cars. And now they have produced the Punch Plugs in-ear earphones. Iv'e had great expectations from these and they definitely did not disappoint. I have received the newest model of Punch Plugs that include an inline mic with control buttons to control your music and calls. The Punch Plugs deliver outstanding bass performance that will make you not want to stop listening to your music. The bass is very clear and solid, very similar to what you will find on the Monster Beats Studios by Dr. Dre headphones. So all of you who just can't get enough of great bass, I would highly recommend the Punch Plugs for you. The overall sound quality is very warm and clear sounding, no distortion or muffled sound to be found. Inside are 15mm dynamic drivers.

The Punch Plugs really let you enjoy your music, whether you are listening to some great heavy bass songs or vocal and acoustic songs. They really do a great job with sound quality. Now how is the build quality? The only con I see with the Punch Plugs is their flat tangle-free cord. Yes the cord does a great job at not getting tangled however it's too thin and flimsy. It would be better to make it a little thicker to add more strength to it. The housing of the Punch Plugs are made out of strong plastic and are very solid. 

Sound isolation is great once you find your perfect silicone ear tip. The silicone tips that come with the Punch plugs block out a good amount of outside noise, also sound leakage is at zero which is a great thing. The Punch Plugs are very comfortable even for long hours, you just forget they are even in your ears. The Punch Plugs will not sit flush in your ear but stick out some bit, so this might be an issue for you if you plan to lay in bend listening to some music. With the Punch Plugs provided is a nice compact semi-hard carry case with silicone tips. Price $129.99 and $99.99 for the non-headset model.

Nir Schneider


Etymotic HF5 In-Ear Earphones Review

Etymotic's HF5, are one of the most popular in-ear earphones in the audiophile world. The HF5 are exactly like the Etymotic HF2 model, except the HF5 do not have a headset feature. The Etymotic HF5 are one of the best sound-isolaters I have ever tried, and this is all thanks to the outstanding ear tips Etymotic provides. So if you are looking so a good pair of earphones that sound fantastic and block almost all outside noise, the HF5/HF2 are for you. Full review after the break.

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