Etymotic HF5 In-Ear Earphones Review

Etymotic's HF5, are one of the most popular in-ear earphones in the audiophile world. The HF5 are exactly like the Etymotic HF2 model, except the HF5 do not have a headset feature. The Etymotic HF5 are one of the best sound-isolaters I have ever tried, and this is all thanks to the outstanding ear tips Etymotic provides. So if you are looking so a good pair of earphones that sound fantastic and block almost all outside noise, the HF5/HF2 are for you. Full review after the break.

Build quality: The HF5 are very solid and durable pair of earphone. Each housing has a nice soft touch matte finish that also looks great. The audio cable is somewhat thin but also very durable and will last a long time. 

Design: The HF5 have a very small and compact form factor that makes them very useful to store and keeps the weight to a minimum. The 3.5mm audio jack is very thin and compact making it compatible with every audio device, it is also gold plated.

Comfort: The HF5 are extremely lightweight and comfortable, so you can enjoy listening to your music for long periods of time. 

Accessories: Etymotic includes a big variety of ear tips that block out most outside noise included silicone tips and two different kinds of foam tips. A cleaning tool and two extra filters are included. Also, included with the HF5 is a great neoprene carry pouch.

Sound: The sound cannot get any better than this. The HF5 have the clearest sound I have ever heard and the highs are just perfect. Very well detailed sound throughout the sound spectrum. The bass is very tight and not distorted. The HF5 do not have a colored artificial sound but more of a natural sound that is very well balanced. There is just enough bass to enjoy with the HF5, however they are not for bass lovers.

With the help of outstanding sound-isolation, you will feel like you are one with your music. There is nothing that will distract you from enjoying every little instrument in your music with brilliant clear and crisp sound quality! The HF5 are truly an amazing pair of earphones. The HF5 come in three colors, red, blue and black. Price $149.00.

Nir Schneider